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The Neptunes f Vanessa Marquez

  • Good Girl

    You just left a good girl (good girl, good girl) A good girl you lost today From such a good thing (good girl, good girl) From such a good thing you walked away Thought I was your guiding light your angel Why didn`t I know Was prepared to sacrifice my...


  • I Will Be Missing You...

    From the first day, When I say you go away Buddie I can`t live without you Promised we`d be together for ever--- And I am missing you now, I hope you know that with out a doubt, And I realy wish that I could see you again I...

lamountain michael

  • beginings end

    This is a song I wrote it has no words so I will just put the chords. The strumming pattern is Down Down Up Up Down Up for the begining E Em C Cm A Am D D7 G7 G Then you bar the G chord the strumming for that is down down up so you would pla...

New Amsterdams, The

  • Adeline, Out Of Tune

    Adeline, out of tune Heaven knows what I would do You can`t just walk away From everything Adeline, out of tune Step in time, two by two Say it`s over regret I`m sure it`s over I guess I don`t ever forget Ever forget Adeline, out of tune Heaven know...

Ant Banks presents T.W.D.Y. f Metro

  • Derty Werk

    That`s Ant BEEZY, nigga - off the HEEZY Is he my nigga? FO SHEEZY nigga! What, what? Say what, say, say what, say what? (Kev B in the motherfuckin house) Say what, say what, say what, say what? (Bombay all day nigga this is fo-TAY!) (Bombay all day p...

lance major

  • monkey time

    Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:18 -0500 From: Andrew Rogers Subject: ./l/lance_major/monkey_time.crd The Monkey Time (Curtis Mayfield) Intro: guitar (w/bass trombones), 2X: (F) ...

Евгений Кричмар

  • Пахнет морем

    Евгений Кричмар

    Пахнет морем, и луна висит над самым Ланжероном,

    И каштаны тихо шепчутся с бульваром полусонным,

    Невесомо серебрится южной ночи панорама,

    Спят фонтаны, - зан...

Zap Mama f Common, Talib Kweli

  • Yelling Away

    [Talib] Ok, its the emcee extraordinaire Talib Kweli Chillin on Soundbombing 3, with my peoples From the East, Cypha Soundz, from West, Mr.

Easy Mo Bee f GangStarr

  • Now or Never: Odyssey 2000

    [Intro/Chorus: Guru] Yo, you suckers is playin a role You niggaz is out of control This world could swallow you whole The evil could snatch your soul [Guru] Yo nigga put the gun away, or you get done away If not today there`ll be a bullet for you one ...

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