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parallel universe

  • simple little nothing

    this is how it goes i wrote this song for my band paralleluniverse ----------2----3----2-----3-----2---------------------------- --------3----3----3-----3-----3--------1--------------------- ------2----2----2-----2-----2--------2-...

Royal T f Big June, Mr. Shadow

  • Real MF`s

    [Big June] Yeah What`s happening It`s your motherfucking boy Low Profizile here every dizay Straight up Bout to get with some of these bitch ass niggas out here Check shit out, so check shit out [Big June] You thought I was gone, but no I`m back again...

The Genius w Master Killer, Inspector De

  • Duel of the Iron Mic

    Intro: Ohh mad one We see your trap You can never escape, your fate Submit with honor to a duel, with my son I agree I see you using an old style, I wondered where you had learned it from You know very well, it`s yours too [Yo God, it`s a due...

only ones

  • another girl another planet

    >From: (Roy M. Randall) >Subject: CRD: Another Girl, Another Planet; The Only ones ANOTHER GIRL, ANOTHER PLANET Perrett The Only Ones, 1978 |:E |B |Cm |A :| (repeat the above with Anthemic Guitar Solo Intro) E B I al...

parent kevin

  • Ado Maso

    Tu fumes trop, tu bois trop, tu manges mal. T`es vulgaire avc ta mre. Tu parle trop quand t`es chaud, pis tu t`sens sale aprs un trip de cul phmre. Tu t`promnes d`un bord pis d`l`autre la recherche d`un point de repre.


  • i surrender

    Song: I Surrender Artist: OO-Punk (Double O Punk) Tabber: Sack-0 Intro e B G D 9 7 9 9 7 9 8 9 7 9 9 7 9 8 3x A 8 8 E Verse 1 e B G D 4 4 6 6 5 321 4x A 6 E Chorus e B G 444444 3 3 3 ...


  • Clue Me In

    Two cigarettes Lying close together Trying their best to forget The heaving in their chest One says I`m sorry If I made you sad I just wanted to kiss you To say that i had Nights like this It`s you I miss Is this the effect you e...

The Fedz

  • Death Notes

    [Intro] (Death) To die, the state of being lifeless It`s the psychic that`s on the creep Bringing heat to all the projects, sets, boundaries Now when you see these, here they`re coming over sea with no key Bringing death notes to all images in the rap ...

Artifacts f Busta Rhymes

  • C`Mon Wit Da Get Down (Buckwild Remix)

    Verse One: Tame One I transmit the fatness over wackness with my Campbell blunts and matches Other rappers try to catch this but I roast em up for practice So act like you knew or you`ll be through in your division I`ve been waiting and watching for y...

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