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Ant Banks f T.W.D.Y.

  • Derty Werk

    Trade mark yeah (Ant Banks) Up grave and broke in the hood to straight platinum I hardly underestimated niggaz Started rappin Made a mill in this shit quick And flippin birdies And I`m still in it - gettin richer I know you heard me I got the money ...

Evan and amp; Jaron

  • Say What

    Why do I feellike I`ve been through this before and why do I feel like I`m gonna fail again is it that I regret not taking advice or is it that I know that I`m not right say what you want I don`t know say what you need I don`t care say how do you feel ...

jazz passengers

  • doncha go way mad

    Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 02:06:29 +0000 (GMT) To: OLGA Subject: Doncha Go `Way Mad (crd) Doncha Go `Way Mad (Music: Munday/Jacquet, Words: Stillman) As played by The Jazz Passengers with vocals by Deborah Harry and Elvis Costello.

Tru (C-Murder, Silkk)

  • Down and Dirty

    Yo we ridin` dirty, you don`t know me bitch Chorus: Silkk and Mercedes together Mercedes, Tru niggaz down and dirty (repeat 2X) [Silkk] Watch your back when I be ridin Cause I`m known to get down and dirty Or should I say I`m bout it, bout i...

Виктор Попов

  • Песня легионера

    Стихи Игоря Харифа

    Музыка Виктора Попова

    Счет начался, оставаться спокойным невмочь,

    Силы Минервы

    Слишком слабы, чтобы страх в этот миг превозмочь.

    Слышится: Пер...

Anybody Killa f Velvet J

  • Charlie Brown

    [Hook 1 - Velvet J] Charlie Brown, please don`t come around Because your weed is doo-doo brown And it smells like the ground You`re still my homie (but no more bammer) But with that weed you don`t know me When I inhale this, the staleness creeps up on ...

jazzberry ram

  • dont you love yourself

    BASS GUITAR TAB --------------- Song: Don`t You Love Yourself Artist: Jazzberry Ram Intro G |-11-12/14---12-119---9-11/12---11-97-/-11-------------| D |--------------------------------------------------------| A |-----------------------------------...

Talib Kweli (Reflection Eternal)

Trick Daddy f Trina, Ying Yang Twins

  • Down Wit Da South

    [Intro] From the South to the bottom It`s the brand new Trick (M.I.A., down South, yo yo College Park) And if you never been down South before We bout to show y`al how we ridin` (Get up, get up) (Let`s...let`s go) [Hook] Be like down South show a lil`...

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