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Three Degrees, The

  • Get Your Love Back

    Mountains rise above the sky
    Everything is green around me
    The wind whispers gently
    The grass, the trees and all
    Flowers of joy grow again
    Nature hold me
    The first morning of the new beginning
    The day da...

Young Zee

  • 8 Mile Soundtrack

    * send corrections to the typist [Young Zee] Uh, Zee I got waiting haze, my customers ho`s, sleep with me We have small beef, I still sell them O`s for three fifty They know in big beef, I pop a hundred times Be like roadkill, I live nigga`s brains on...

Z-Ro and Trae f Jay`Ton, Lil Boss Hogg

  • Still Watchin

    [Hook - 2x] Still watching, keep peeping Still watching me yeah, keep peeping [Z-Ro] They told me, if you feel me Fuck a record label, and a negotiation they trying to deal me They watching me to close, and trying to play me Make a nigga Unibomb your ...

Mia Martini

  • Almeno Tu Nell`Universo

    Sai, la gente strana
    prima si odia e poi si ama...
    Cambia idea improvvisamente
    Prima la veritа poi
    mentirа lui, senza serietа...
    Come fosse niente..

    Sai, la gente matta
    forse troppo insoddisfatta...

Ras Kass f Twista

  • All or Nuthin

    [Twista] All or nuthin, stall the bluffin, won`t let the po-po arrest me Try to hit the deck to bless me But I`m still broke so I ride like Frank & Jessie But they can`t catch me, breakin niggas off like a sawed-off Comin for the fedder man, my millime...

Wet Wet Wet (the Troggs)

  • Love Is All Around

    I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes It`s written on the wind that`s everywhere I go I see your face before me in everything I do You gave your promise to me and I gave mine to you You know I love you, I always will My m...

Royal Fam f Snuggle-Up

  • Our Time

    [Dark Denims] What? Take it to your motherfuckin head Royal Fam, yeah, just me and you, nigga Just me and you Prepare to die nigga Yeah you, with your snake-ass Slitherin all up in my grass, with your fake ass The Dark one, my Royal Fam du`, I make a ...


  • Dirt Off Your Shoulder Flow

    [Hook] Dirty 3rd through the do`, niggaz go on get your mind right Bitches they love us, cause we standing in the lime light Haters they hate, cause we always keep our shine bright Get that, hate out your blood Nigga get that, hate out your blood Nigga...


  • Ache

    I believe in desperate acts. The kind that make me look stupid. Look like a fool. Just keep reinventing myself. It`s move or die. I change my form. These days the people I love are spread so far apart. All out of reach.

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