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De La Soul f Native Tongues

  • 3 Feet High and Rising

    [DOVE] Hello Meany, meany, meany, meany (Say What?) Meany, meany, meany, meany (Say What?) Meany, meany, meany, meany, mean Meany, meany, meany, meany (Say What?) Meany, meany, meany, meany (Say What?) Meany, meany, meany, meany, mean (Okay) Hello it...


  • Part I

    Huset kaller meg Herre Skygger, mitt hoff så matt Nostalgi opp trappen bratt mens trinnene blir færre Søker, føler, finner min storhetstids grå minner Dolken i beltet er slipt spisst Vingene for mitt øre Alt jeg nå kan hør...

Beanie Sigel f Daz Dillinger

  • For My Niggaz

    Ayo! Light that shit the fuck up man! [Daz] Y`all niggas get ready to get high! What we doin in here y`all, huh? Everybody partyin, smokin, bullshittin Drinkin, c`mon HOOK: This for my niggas on the east coast rollin Tinted up Suburban, in the stree...

Scarub f Eligh

  • Matters of the Heart

    (Chorus: Scarub) It`s matters of the heart that rip you apart Then stop you before you even start To provide the rules of the chart Hours glasses you each Hour that passes you by You wondering why Why are you even wasting your time Following whats in b...


  • Anyone For Tennis

    Twice upon a time in the valley of the tears The auctioneer is bidding for a box of fading years And the elephants are dancing on the graves of squealing mice.

Destiny`s Child f Wyclef Jean

  • Bug A Boo (ReFugee Camp Remix)

    [Wyclef] (Everybody on the floor) East Side (Everybody on the floor) South Side (Everybody on the floor) North Side (Everybody on the floor) West Side (Everybody on the floor) [Le Toya] We told you we was gonna give it to you raw (Everybody on the flo...

Jimi Hendrix

  • 1983 ... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)

    Hurrah, I awake from yesterday Alive, but the war is here to stay So my love, Catherina and me, decide to take our last walk through the noise to the sea Not to die but to reborn, away from lands so battered and torn Forever, fore...

Paul Westerberg

  • A Few Minutes of Silence

    Play me what I want to hear Dont make me have to come down there Forgot how to think and I dont wanna dance I wanna hear few minutes, few minutes, few minutes, of silence Few minutes, few minutes, few minutes, of silence It...


  • (Can I Find) The Right Words (To Say)

    Look up the right words
    The ones for today
    And use them correctly
    And mean what I say
    Answer the questions
    Crossword confession
    I`m down, can we meet
    Is it true, do you cheat?

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