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  • slumber

    Intro EM A OOO OO-OOOOO yeahhh....yeahhh.....yeahhh Em A Yea.....tututututuu tuuuuu D slumber yaya D g engkau mengila-gila G Bm engkau khayal dunia engkau yang punya BM Bb ...

Point Blank f K-Rino

  • Straighten It Out

    (Have you been to the ghetto lately?) Hell yeah, I`ve been in this mothafucka since day one and I ain`t trying to get out... Straighten it out... [K-Rino] Yo Blank man, you know I understand where you coming from...


  • Dixie

    hдpp, hдpp, hдpp, hдpp hдpp (x8)

    Jag vill ha min drink eh sane not stцrd en nцrd pе 20 vеrar
    som дr rumsren o trevlig men krдver mycket mat o hеrar
    Folk brister i tеrar
    herregud rдdda oss
    a men ...

E.S.G. f Slim Thug

  • Braids & Fades

    (talking) Man, hold up, the best from the north Done connected with the best from the south Ha ha, Wreckshop and Swishahouse baby Slim Thug and E.S.G.

LL Cool J feat. Keith Sweat

  • Why Me Baby

    [Chorus] {Why, why me, baby) Girl, I need to know why (Why me, baby) What did I do, girl, what did I do (Why, why me, baby) You broke my heart [LL Cool J] Check this out, honey It seems like 99 years have gone by Since the last time I talked to you, y...

oak ridge boys

  • thank god for kids

    Date: 11/12/96; 10:02:20 PM From: ah827@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Gene L. Graham) Subject: THANK GOD FOR KIDS THANK GOD FOR KIDS Recorded by The Oak Ridge Boys Words and music by Eddy Raven If it [D] weren`t for kids have you [G] ever thought [D] There wouldn`...

P. Diddy f Busta Rhymes, M.O.P.

  • Bad Boy For Life (Remix)

    [Intro: P. Diddy] (Busta Rhymes) Stick `em up! As we proceed Stick em up motherfuckers! To give you what you need Put your hands in the air It`s star time (Bring the fire along, c`mon) We still here (Bring the fire along, c`mon) It`s star time (Bad Bo...

E-40 f Fat Joe, Sauce Money

  • Charlie Hustle: BluePrint of a Self-Made

    Oooooh, E-40, get breaded, get breaded Sauce Money, get breaded Fat Joe, get breaded Oooooh, E-40, get breaded, get breaded Sauce Money, get breaded Fat Joe, get breaded [E-40] My penitentiary family`ll reach `fore you make a bet, when you gonna ...

Puff Daddy f Mase, Notorious B.I.G.

  • Been Around the World

    Intro: Mase Yo yo, this Mase, youknowhatI`msayin? You got niggaz that don`t like me for whatever reason You got niggaz that don`t wanna see me rich You got niggaz that`s mad, cause I`m always with they bitch Then you got niggaz that just don`t like me...

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