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Hassisen Kone

  • Harsoinen Ters

    Voi muovi syd munkkeja ja rauta laulaa taas Voi betonilla paistatella piv ihanaa Kai puu on paljon kokenut ja nhnyt elm Mutta tss tulee se, jonka varjoon kaikki j: Harsoinen ters Voi ihminen kuin ihminen saada jalat jniksen Mutta ...

Lil` Flip f Will Lean

  • Real Niggas

    [Lil` Flip] Lord have mercy Jesus Christ I know I`m doin` wrong but I`m tryna do right I hustle day to day and night to night Cause I`m tryna get paid awright Y`all don`t know about my rap wars Alotta rappers use my name Just so they can have the store...


  • O

    [Verse 1] I know you see me calling, won`t you answer your phone Trying to tell you baby that I`m all home alone I`m on queen size sheets and they made from silk Got my mouth open wide cause I`m ready for milk Sssssh, just listen, I want you to hear my...

Lenny Kravitz Feat. Jeff Healey

  • Hey Joe

    Hey Joe, whereyou goin` with that gun in your hand I said hey dude Joe, where you goin` with that gun in your hand Going down to shoot my old lady You know, I`ve caught her messin` around with another man Yes I did You know, I`ve caught her messin` aro...

Thomas Dybdahl

  • Babe

    open the door babe
    cause there`s so much more babe
    je t`adore babe

    i sure have missed you babe
    don`t let yourself fade
    don`t sleep away the daylight
    (you know i`m still on your side)

Danse Macabre

  • Death In Midsummer

    Lyrics: Gunther Theys / Music: Jan Yrlund

    It must be tragic indeed to realise that, one only has a short
    time left on this
    earth, especially when still being quite young.

Limp Bizkit f Bubba Sparxxx

  • Rearranged (Timbaland Remix)

    [Fred Durst] Just think about it Just think about it [Fred Durst] Lately I`ve been skeptical Silent when I would used to speak Distant from all around me Who witness me fail and become weak Life is overwhelming Heavy is the head that wears the crown I...

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