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  • Девушка с глазами цвета неба

    Любовь всегда приветлива и добра,
    Она не ревнует.
    Любовь не бывает хвастливой и тщеславной,грубой и эгоистичной.
    Она не обижает и не обижается.
    Она всегда готова прощать, верить, надеяться.
    Терпеть, что бы не случил...

Matt Bianco

  • Alcazar

    On the wind from North Africa
    From within Andalucia
    There`s a place that is magical
    Takes your mind somewhere spiritual
    Give me the key
    My queen of Arabia
    Open the gates to your love


  • Baseline

    I give a shit about the kick that’s been coming from the underground spot beating the pop up, the fuck up that lays all around. Now give me sound from the other side every night it’s gonna go on and flow on and on and on and on.

Xzibit f Defari, Goldie Loc, Kokane

  • Restless

    [Defari] Take a chance, come dance with a cowboy Playin stopped playin long time ago with childish toys It`s only men in here; deuce deuce inch Pirelli and Goodyear niggaz, sip malt liquor beer They gave me sixth man of the year, came off the bench for...

O.C. f Bumpy Knuckles (Freddie Foxxx)

  • Win the G

    *chorus* [BK] Yo O.C., are you ready to win the G? [OC] The Gusto is comin home with me Yo Bumpy Knucks, are you ready to win the G? [BK] The Gusto is comin home with me Yo O.C., are you ready to win the G? [OC] The Gusto is comin home with me Yo B...

Wayne Toups

  • Take My Hand

    When I look At your face You`re still as pretty as an angel But there`s something out of place Whats wrong with you, baby I don`t understand Is it just me Or do you want another man Take My Hand Say you`ll be true Say those simp...

Papa Reu f C-Note, Lil` O, TC

  • Shine

    (Papa Reu) Yo, When I see my boy C-Note I`ma buy him somethin` brand new, When I find Lil` O, You know he gone keep somethin` new, And of course, you know the original, Papa Reu!!!! I`ma keep somethin` new, new, new, Look First Verse (Papa Reu + Lil` ...

Oschino and Sparks, Freeway, Young Chris

  • Want Me Back

    [Sparks] + (Oschino) Yeah, That`s Right, Oschin, Sparks, Yeah, Freeweezy, B.Sig That`s Right, Young Spark from the back life fucka You gonna need me, I believe this world, that`s right You want me back, holla (This is serious right here, this is gangst...

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