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P`heno and Reginelli

  • Shake `Em Off

    [Reginelli] Yo, It`s Reginelli Representing for P`heno For the NBA, ya heard? We got game, shake em up, shake em up We got game, shake em up, shake em up We got game, shake em up, shake em up We got game, shake em up, shake em up The game is all abou...

Александр Краснопольский

  • А после дождя

    Александр Краснопольский

    А после дождя - туман над рекой,

    а после дождя - плащами


    До дома шагать еще


    но я не спеша иду,


Wayne County

  • Man Enough To Be A Woman

    I got a transexual feeling It`s hard to be true to the one that`s really you I got a scandalous feeling It`s hard to be true when they point and stare at you Conditioned to portraying the mask of masculinity Another blend of diffe...

John Cena f Trademark

  • Untouchables

    [John Cena] The untouchable cat whose style is right I can be mistaken for the smooth and silent type My violence bites tight like it was vampire`s teeth I`m hammerin chief, opponents with beef, you`re put to sleep My radical brain, will run your terra...

Josephine Johnny

  • U On Fire

    Say Girl Project 2000 This Nigga For U . . .U heard Me J.D & Project huh Chorus: repeat 3x Ooh Shit girl U on Fire Let This Cold boy Straight Put Cha Ass Out After the chorus: Doing that girl U doing that girl U Burning that girl Ooh Shit Girl V...

Carlinhos Brown

  • Maria Caipirinha (Samba Da Bahia)

    Tк tк tк
    Tetetк tetк
    Tк tк tк tetк tetetк [...]

    Samba da Bahia
    Samba da Bahia [...]

    К Maria Nega Bebк,
    Vocк sabe o valor do dimbк?
    Vocк tem a mгo calejada,
    Vocк sabe fazer feijoad...

Juvenile f Hot Boys, Big Tymers

  • 400 Degreez

    B.G. & (Baby) Cash Money slangin nine nigga (Off top playboy) H.B`s and The B.G.`s (What`s happing little B.G.

Lil` J f Lil` Platinum

  • Raise Yo` Hands Up

    [Lil` Platinum] I`m Lil` Platinum every body knows me They also know my songs are off the heezy When I walk down the street all girlies headz turn I`m so on fire, I give em heartburn Try to start mess wit me and you`ll be under sun I rock Iceberg, Fubu...

Outsidaz f Method Man, Redman

  • The Bricks

    [Method Man] Gonna throw a lil` somethin like this Pacewon Mista Meth Young Zee Funk Doctah Come on [Pacewon] Yo, yo, yo I like to smoke I like to gamble Slap that face I`m like Anthony Saprano Lets here it for the mob boss Bird catch it highed up til...

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