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Missy `Misdemeanor` Elliott

  • Any Given Sunday soundtrack

    Any Give Sunday baby Oww! Yo, yo, yo Oh zigi-zigi Zig-zigi-zig-zig, oh oh Zigi-zigi-zigi-zigi-zigi… Oh you `pose to be the man now Cause you got cars, you got houses You got yachts, you got diamonds You got it all Oh you livin` large right, heh Well l...

St. Lunatics f Cardan

  • Free City

    (Cardan - talking through chorus) You know I loved you right I never, I never knew girl, you see You know the pain right, you can feel my pain right? Uh, to the gateway, now check it out, yo (Chorus) Ooh, I loved you so But why I loved you, I`ll never...

Don Juan f Mis Rock, Triple Life

  • Street Niggas

    Verse 1: As I roll down the block with my gun hammer cocked My tags aint right My attitude is fuck the cops My rocks got my pants saggin As i lean to the side in my G ride I got that ass draggin Flaggin me down is some hoes that wanna fuck my daytons G...


  • Das Ganze Haus Ist Schief

    Wenn die Musik spielt dann fühl` ich das was jeder fühlt. Wenn die Tumba klingt dann spür` ich dass sie Frohsinn bringt.

Main Source

  • Atom

    My 4-9-3-11 has fleas cause when I`m kicking the lip service Someone signs up to rush the potteries It`s automatic and apparent that we have skills in this But people tend to miss when we shoot the gift It`s not to imitate another in minute That`s slou...

Smoked Outt Records f Soulja Slim, Turk,

  • Low Down & Dirty

    [Turk] If y`know me then y`know me from bussen` heads Kidnappin` hittin` hustles and duckin` feds A quiet nigga stay saggin` wit` a bush fade Hot Boy from Cash Money `bout gettin paid And if a nigga outta place where he walk is where he lay If I miss w...

D.P.G. f Beanie Sigel, Rosco

  • Best Run

    [Kurupt] Gangsta shit, I`ma show you how the gangsters do it Word to mother, Kurupt Young Gotti Excuse me for a second while I blow, on this bomb {*inhaling and coughing*} Beans, Beanie Sigel, yeah Daz Dillinger, Dat Nigga Daz, bitches I gotta little ...

Gene Watson

  • Change Her Mind

    Mornings closing in on me, how can I face another dawn? My life lost all meaning, the minute she was gone I begged and I pleaded, I done all a man can do I`ve tried everything lord, now it`s time I turned to you Bridge I know you...

Lied Der Deutschen

  • Einigkeit Und Recht Und Freiheit

    Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit Für das deutsche Vaterland! Danach laßt uns alle streben Brüderlich mit Herz und Hand! Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit Sind des Glückes Unterpfand; Blüh` im Glanze dieses...

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