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John Forte` f Jenni Fujita and Wyclef Je

  • Ninety Nine (Flash The Message)

    [CHORUS - Jenni Fujita] Me and my crew in a little tour show Learned to flip the door with the money we`ve got. The blocks stay hot, getting knocked it`s on Till one by one, we were gone. Subway sparks after dark.

king tom

  • river of hope

    Title: River of Hope Artist: Tom King I own f**king rights to this song River of Hope ----12--12--11--11--10--10/--14--14--13--13--12--12/--14--13--12--11/ ----12--12--11--11--10--10/--14--14--13--13--12--12/--14--13--12--11/ ----12--12--11--11--1...

Lil` Flip f B.G. Duke, Scoopastar, Taz,

  • My Dogz

    [Lil` Flip talkin`] Ha ha, this tha realest shit I wrote Ya`ll say we look like kids Oh ya`ll don`t think I heard what ya`ll said You puttin` it on tape, this for my dogz, nigga [Chorus] I`ll ride for my dogz, I`ll lie for my dogz If it come down to i...

Puff Daddy f 112, Faith Evans

  • A Tribute to the Notorious B.I.G. EP

    Intro: Puff Daddy Yeah... this right here (tell me why) Goes out, to everyone, that has lost someone That they truly loved (c`mon, check it out) Verse One: Puff Daddy Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show I laced the track, you locked the fl...

Виктория Лыс

  • Мой Ангел

    Виктория Лыс

    Мы вместе, мой Ангел. Вечерней порой

    Мы эти мгновения делим с тобой.

    Я плачу, но ты на меня не смотри, -

    Пусть льются из глаз моих слёзы любви.


king vitamin

  • good old days

    ----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE-------------------------------- This file is the author`s own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.

Lil` Romeo f 6 Piece

  • My First (Remix)

    (6 Piece) Girl I want to hold you close tonight Let you know that everything`s alright Its just the way you look at me Its just the way that you care (chorus: 6 Piece) You`re my first (my first) You`re my last (my last) I`m gonna love you forever My f...

Juelz Santana f J.R.

  • Squalie

    Yea uh-ooo!!( Come on, come on) Roll wit me, its santana I`d like to welcome y`all(yea) to the great Fuck wit ya boy!( Once again) Zeke! [Juelz Santana] now I got more than my swagger back listen here homie Mr.

king wes

  • common creed

    From: SChrist@cybergate.com (SChrist) Date: Fri, 14 Jul 1995 20:49:18 -0800 ***COMMON CREED*** By Wes King A couple of things before we start here. One, This is not a note for note transcription of the tune.

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