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  • Bewitched By Evil

    [Music by Vargher, lyrics by Vargher/Wrathyr] Hellfires burning within my chest Darkforces now takes control Bringer of Evil, never to rest To Satan I`ve given my soul Burn in Hell Forcing myself upon those who are pure Raping ...

Kylie Minogue feat. Pet Shop Boys

  • In Denial

    [Neil:] In denial No, my life`s a trial I`m not denying that every little bit hurts It`s a problem, that I`m not solving Don`t mind admitting I feel like quitting this job For a while, Getting away before it gets any worse today [Kylie:] Your in denia...

Jessy Moss

  • Telling You Now

    telling u now so`s u don`t have to think about it
    telling u now so`s u don`t have to reap what u sow
    later on

    sex in the chambers, so blame her for everything
    any bad thing, a ring, arises
    but u made one mist...


  • Amen

    Tak dlugo jak mozemy trwajmy
    w tym calowaniu
    w ust wedrowaniu coraz dalej
    ciagle dalej

    Zbawmy siк wzajem
    tym calowaniem
    w siebie samych

    Jak platki sniegu nad...

Julio Voltio

  • Locked Up

    Que paso ma`, que paso
    Que paso ma`
    Es el voltage orientando a la mafia boba
    Ando con DJ Casanova
    Enseсale, como es que es
    Como es que se bate el cobre
    Yo, los enemigos se fueron en un viaje
    (Mami, mami...

Velasquez Jaci

  • Child Of Mine (i Have Come)

    You decided long ago To let me in to your deepest soul You have given me A pride of place Then somehow you let it fade away I know you so well And I can tell When you`ve been hiding something from me Just let it go Let my love flo...

Donkey Punch

  • Again

    Yesterday I saw you sitting alone
    In the corner of my favorite coffee shop
    I wanted to touch your hair you face your everything else
    I think I like you a lot
    I wanted to learn your name your sign
    are you someone...

Kane and Abel f 5th Ward Weebie, Partner

  • Shake it Like a Dog

    [Kangol Slim] We wanna see you hoes make it wiggle Wanna see ya make it pop, make it jiggle Why don`t `cha hit the floor and shake it up? Turn around make it twerk, now back that ass up [2x] [Kangol Slim] We done walked around with them boys Kane & Ab...

Beyonce and Kelly

  • Have Your Way

    I changed my life for you and all that you could do Is betray me, how could you play me You got me doing things I know I shouldn`t do Am I crazy to live this way see I know I`m wrong, I`m shamed everyday We`re not as one, but you...

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