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  • Hidden Vices

    In our little world each day We live we deal with things we call addictions Sever, oh how we crave the substance We feel the need and its presence to survive I have no will to rise from this hell I never wanted to become a slave to this master B...

Twitty Conway

  • Joni

    Joni was the girl who lived next door I`v known here I guess 10 years or more Joni wrote me a note one day and this is what she had to say, Jimmy Jimmy wait for me Ill grow up someday youll see savin all my kisses just for you sig...


  • 747 (strangers In The Night)

    We got a 747 coming down in the night There`s no power, there`s no runway lights Radio operator try to get a message through Tell the flight deck New York has no lights There`s no power, what do we do A 747 coming down in the nigh...


  • All I Ask of You

    And i promise not to forget the way your cheeks turn so red so right so perfect in the light we sat beneath, your hair turned to gold and every word you said was accented warmly on my neck And you know if there were anyway to make this moment l...

Presuntos Implicados

  • Alma De Blues

    Es la historia de una voz
    templada por el blues;
    es el canto que arrastrу
    el hambre y el amor.
    Y la mъsica naciу vestida de mujer.

    El lamento que acunу
    su dulce oscura piel,
    sentimientos en su so...

Two Cowboys

  • Gonfi Gon

    One two three four Everybody gonfi gon everybody gonfi gon. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey everybody gonfi gon. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey One two three four. Everybody gonfi gon.

Two In One

  • Destiny

    Chorus: Oh destiny, is the thorn that sticks in your side can take away your fame and your pride so don`t you ever give up it`s gonna be alright Oh Oh Oh, La La La La La La Oh Oh Oh, La La La La La La Oh Oh Oh, La La La La La La ...

Jamie Rivera

  • Hey It`s Me

    Hey, it`s me
    I hope you still remember
    Your old friend
    And then, we can talk and laugh again

    Hey, it`s me
    I never thought I`d see you once again
    And I just can`t believe
    You`re right here w...

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