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  • Daddy

    Let’s lay this puppy down
    Hey, hey, hey, hey

    The clock stopped tickin’ sister
    Frozen at the time it was
    When you decided you done all
    That you could have done

    Livin’ by a sundial
    In ...

Turos Tutti

  • Sauerland

    Sommer war`s - ich liebte sie und sie hieß Marie und trug langes Haar. Winter war`s - sie ging fort von mir doch ich blieb hier wo ich immer war. Uuuuuuuuuuu du mein Sauerland mein Sauerland o du mein Sauerland.


  • Elenore

    You got a thing about you I just can`t live without you I really want you Elenore near me Your looks intoxicate me Even though your folks hate me There`s no one like you Elenore really Elenore gee I think you`re swell And you real...

Виталий Калашников, Аркадий Лебедев

  • Я так хочу туда, в начало...

    Стихи Виталия Калашникова

    Музыка Аркадия Лебедева

    Cm7 F7

    Я так хочу туда, в начало,

    B7+ Hdim

    Где столько света ...


  • 10 Miles To Go

    Mixed drinks and a night we can`t remember She broke the heals on the shoes I lent her This could be Paris, this could be London We`ve been going hard and fast since sundown 12 shows in a row There`s no stopping us It`s what we`...


  • Bonjour Tristesse

    You want me too much You want much too much for me You need me too much You need such a lot for me Can`t you let me be Let me be just as good as I am Can`t you let me be Can`t you see who I really am I don`t want You to go But you...


  • A Boat On The Sea

    There`s a lamp that won`t light In my poetry room And children out playing And a big full moon My man`s barricaded down in his womb He`ll be coming out soon I remember when I met him He blew in like the wind No one was more beauti...

Tv Theme

  • Great American Hero

    Theme from the Greatest American Hero (Believe it or Not) - Joey Scarbury Look at what`s happened to me I can`t believe it myself Suddenly I`m on top of the world Shoulda been somebody else CHORUS: Believe it or not I`m walking on...

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