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O.G. Spanish Fly f Silencer

  • Gangster Shit

    [OG Spanish Fly] Verse one fool dumpin Comin off stompin I represent the city and I`m quite away from Compton Diego down, we don`t fuck around And down to blaze and pound And down to let em down On the ground no more sound Comin out their mouth And I`m...

Бонч Бру Бонч

  • Законы просты

    Я не урод. Ебись оно в рот Каждый год я старею на год Тот, кто меня не поймёт Имеет все шансы на цинковый гроб Это не хип-хоп, это грамм свинца в лоб Эй, копы, мы вместо сучих .....

Howie Day

  • Bunnies

    Crushed in the arms... Crushed in the arms of a bear. Crushed in the arms... Crushed in the arms of a bear. I strain... I strain... I strain... I strain... Now I could never fall in love.


  • Нити

    Flash-back, допинг
    Что там на десерт ?
    В пальцах мышка
    Просто данные

    Тонкой нитью, нитью в паутине
    Знают всё о нас, о нас с тобой
    Знают нити, только нити знают
    Это не с тобой и не со мной

Krayzie Bone, Ken Dawg and Layzie Bone

  • Lord What Have I Done?

    [Krayzie Bone] I need another motherfucking cigarette, shit, fuck that Niggaz start to riot, it`ll never be peace Would you forgive me lord, (We`ll never get freedom) if I killed that man Nigga bust your gun, nigga motherfuck peace Would you forgive m...


  • I`ve Got Your Man

    Girl when you call my phone
    Just say what`s on your mind ok
    Don`t call and hang up
    I`m not into that
    Yuh wah mi tell yuh somn
    Mek mi tell yuh somn

    Verse 1
    Your man he told me

Wyclef Jean f Muzion

  • 24 Heures a Vivre

    *Mwen tap rainmin konnin, date et jou` map mouri... Yeah! Wyclef, misiй Jean Refugee, Muzion Si t`avais 24 heures а vivre, et que tu savais que t`allais mourir qu`est-ce t`aurais fait? [Wyclef] Yo, si il me restait juste 24 heures а vivre, j`irais v...

Sarah Evans

  • I Could Not Ask for More

    I could not ask for more Lying here with you Listening to the rain Smile just to see the Smile upon your face These are the moments I thank God that I`m alive And these are the moments I`ll remember all my life I`ve fou...

Sarah Geronimo

  • Forever`s Not Enough

    forever`s not enough sarah geronimo if i would have to live my life again i`d stay in love with you the way i`ve been your love is something no one never can replace i can`t inagine my life with someone else i promise i ...

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