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  • Горький шоколад

    И горько вспоминать, и сладко, И прочно всё во мне, и шатко. Молюсь я каждый день украдкой, Чтоб ты пришёл хотя - бы сном. Несу я, словно на закланье, Цветы своих воспоминаний В страну исполненных желаний, Где мы с тобой всегда вдвоём...


  • Космическая ночь

    Как звёзды мы с тобой... А только ты и я Только ты и я... Всё так особенно, как в невесомости Снова мы с тобой летим В эту ночь может быть в открытый космос Выйдем если захотим До утра опять все звёзды будут нам светить Космическая ночь - сегодня ты...

Michael Jackson & The Jackson 5

  • I Want You Back

    When I had you to myself I didn`t want you a`round

    Those pretty faces always made you stand out in a crowd.
    Then someone picked you from the bunch

    one glance was all it took

    Now it` s much too lote fo...

Sammy Davis Jr.

  • Something`s Gotta Give

    When an irresistible force Such as you. Meets an old immovable object like me. You can bet as sure as you live. Something gotta give Something gotta give Something gotta give. When an irrepressible smile Such as yours.

Murphy Eddie

  • Girlfriend`s Got A Wiener (parady Of Fun

    Drivin` all night in my Toyota Lenn Cruizer, I saw some tail for sail, and figured I could use her. Pulled up to the corner she was fine but kind of gurgley, she hopped right it and gave a grin and said, Hey your eddie Murphy.

Sammy Hagar and The Waboritas

  • Halfway To Memphis

    Halfway to Memphis, drivin in the rain Self confidence slippin, still runnin away From the face in the mirror, the lines on the face From NYC to the San Francisco Bay From the ghost in the closet, the monkey on your back Fro...

Browne Jackson

  • Alive In The World

    I want to live in the world, not inside my head I want to live in the world, I want to stand and be counted With the hopeful and the willing With the open and the strong With the voices in the darkness Fashioning daylight out of s...

Murphy Joe

  • Kings Highway

    // First approximation of the lyrics to this striking song. // I like it, but I sure as hell don`t understand it.

Murphy Lee

  • Cool Wit It

    [Kyjuan] This is Cadillac Mack haha ha Seville Appeal Luv rollin the L doggs 9 papers Verse 1 [Kyjuan] Ayyo I`m laid back and humble, yeah I`m cool wit it Kinda hungry, give me a salad and a soup wit it Aint no need for extra rol...

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