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Breaking Benjamin

  • Blow Me Away

    They fall in line
    One at a time
    Ready to play (I can`t see them anyway)
    No time to lose
    We`ve got to move
    Steady your hand (I am losing sight again)

    Fire your guns
    It`s time to run
    Blow me a...

Opio f A-Plus

  • Fist Full

    [Opio] Pull over to the right I hear them sirens blarin 50 flyin down the avenue like the Red Baron Chasin after cousin in the white Xterra He crashed into a semi, that jacknifed when he veered left It appears the grim reaper at his doorstep Then he lo...

Breaking My Heart

  • Michael Learns To Rock

    I`m on the floor counting one minute more No-one to break the silence Staring into the night all alone but that`s alright it`s the feeling deep inside I don`t like Chorus: There is no excuse my friend for breaking my heart break...

Breaking Pangaea

  • ...And Still They Hated It

    Find another road and you take it. Anyway you go seems to break it. All this time we were waiting. So find another road. You can make it anyway you go.

Елена Бушуева

  • Вальс для храма

    Елена Бушуева

    И вот опять окончен бал

    Фигурным вальсом безмятежным.

    Опять закрыты двери в храм,

    Впустив наивных и безгрешных.

    Но мы не более грешны,


Holland & Holland

  • Bolletjes In Mijn Hol

    Ja ik heb bolletjes in mijn hol
    Ik zit met bolletjes boordevol
    Met bolletjes in mijn hol
    Passeer ik fluitend de douanes
    Met m`n afgeladen anus
    Met die bolletjes in mijn hol

    Ik maak vaak verre trips

Jay Z feat. Blackstreet

  • The city is mine

    Chorus: Blackstreet

    You belong to the city
    You belong to the night
    In the middle of darkness
    He`s a man of the night

    Verse One: Jay-Z

    What the deal playboy just rest your soul
    I be h...


  • Babe`s in the Wood

    Push me off to start the fun
    On a bike ride to the moon
    Lots of room for everyone
    On a bike ride to the moon
    And we`ll bring back cheese for my Auntie Jane
    And some magic moon dust that`ll stop the rain
    On my ...

Sammy Davis Jnr.

  • Mr. Bojangles

    I knew a man Bojangles and he danced for you

    in worn out shoes.
    With silver hair
    a ragged shirt and baggy pants

    the old soft shoe.
    He jumped so high
    jumped so high

    then he lightly to...

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