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Timmoya ft. Static of Playa

  • I Got It

    [Verese 1:] I gotta house Up on da hill Behind the H In Hollywood (`lywood, `lywood) A workin` man Who has a feel On life itself It`s hella good (`la good, `l good) Baby I Got what you want And what you need Between...

All-Star Tribute

  • What`s Going On

    [P. Diddy] What`s Going On [Jermaine Dupri] Tell Me [P. Diddy] People Dying People Crying Lord help us [Bono] Mother, mother There`s too many of you crying [Gwen Stefani] Oh, brother, brother, brother There`s far too many of you dying [Jermaine Du...


  • Let It Go

    featuring What What

    [What What]
    I`m sittin sippin soda realizin that it`s over
    My feelings he couldn`t reciprocate til October
    But he`s the one I wanna lay my head upon his shoulder
    And keep it warm caus...


  • Cherry Pie

    Dirty, rotten, filthy, stinkin`.....
    She`s my cherry pie
    Cool drink of water
    Such a sweet surprise
    Taste so good make a grown man cry
    Sweet cherry pie

    Swingin` on the front porch, swingin` on the lawn<...


  • Fallin

    Di mwen pouki le’m we’w bт kи’m vibre
    Le’m bт kote’w lanmтm pa existe
    Jodi a m fe ou promиs fidelite
    Avek fтs ak senserite

    Tankou on zwezo’k nan nich k’ap kouve
    M’anvi chofe lan bra mwen san rete

Out of Eden

  • All You Need

    Oh Lord it`s another day; nothing seemed to go my way And I know that I can`t complain cause You`ve been so good to me But here I am burdened again, and I can`t seem to find my friend Whose name is hope and I can`t pretend that I`m not weary so (Why do...


  • Temptation

    Verse 1: From the start We were best friends Now here we are In lovers land Take my hand And show me the place We can rush If that`s the case Now that we`re here Guide me around Will you pick me up If I fall down Cuz ...

Timmy T

  • One More Try

    It`s been a long time since you left me I didn`t mean to make you cry I didn`t mean to disappiont you I didn`t mean to tell you lies And after all that we have been through Won`t you let me tell you why Chorus: One more try I did...

Steve Harley


    i should say by the way that you`re acting today i can tell by the sigh in your eye i can sure understand by the palm of your hand that you know i`m so hot i could fry because i`ve chased you, embraced you `n` turned round `n` fac...

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