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Ultraje A Rigor

  • Filha Da Puta

    (Roger) LESPA: Bateria MAURCIO: Baixo e vocais SERGINHO: Guitarra solo e vocais ROGER: Guitarra base, voz e buzina (Quando houver) LIMINHA: Pandeirinho por telepatia Morar nesse pas como ter a me na zona Voc sabe que ela no prest...

Booker Newbarry Iii

  • Love Town

    Everybody bring your body to love town. Midnight madness moonlight gladness in love towil baby. Out in the dark under the stars there`s a brand new horizon.

Boom Shaka

  • Burden And Time

    still i never lose my faith still if i heard it once ive heard it twice in everything there is a season if ive heard it once ive heard it twice with every purpose there is a reason a time to love and a time to hate a time for peac...

Steve Forbert

  • Big City Cat

    Buildings an` people down under the skies, I walk down the street lookin` out through my eyes, I`m getting so skinny it hurts to sit down, I`m deep in the well, I`m in the rat trap town.

Kanye West f GLC, Paul Wall

  • Drive Slow

    (Vocal ad-libs) [Chorus] Drive slow, homie.. Drive slow, homie.. You never know, homie Might meet some hoes, homie You need to pump your brakes and drive slow, homie [Verse 1: Kanye West] My homie Mali used to stay Sunny 9th and May One of my best fr...

Vance Gilbert

  • Good Cup Of Coffee

    I`ve been driving these back roads for twenty odd years Delivering these goods to town after town I`m union I`m black I`ve got a wife and two kids And I`ll put them through college dragging this trailer around Now I`ve been in hun...

Cool Whipp

  • Ghetto Pains

    repeat 2x
    my ghetto pains, remains the same
    I`m steady living off the chain , lord knows its a crying shame
    I`m walking with my death shoes on, my boo know it wont be long
    before I leave her all alone, anot...

Go-betweens, The

  • A Bad Debt Follows You

    stand off, a stand off
    we`re off to the send-off
    you sit on the stairs
    lost in your hair
    what`s that you`re wearing?
    it looks like a necklace
    oh, how the stars
    shine on your face
    I won`t stand

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