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  • Come Into This House

    Chorus Come into this house, magnify the Lord Lift up holy hands, our hearts in one accord For He`s worthy, worthy of all our praise Stop dissin` just listen, let me kick a little slang out I`ll tell you all about where we power p...

Monik Garo

  • Natural Desire

    Another night, is not what girls want To be in love, to be by someone`s side And to be treated like a goddess on a throne So come on baby Don`t be ashamed, to give him your best shot He won`t refuse, you got to play it right ...

Carmen Consoli

  • Amado Senor

    Cauta indifferenza dietro minuziose attenzioni mi reputo sincera detesto le tue tristi ambizioni Non sono brava a chiedere non ti somiglio affatto sono arrivata oltre ogni limite Per te amado senor ho frantumato ogni ritegno ma no...

Monika Wagner

  • Warum

    Warum tust du mir so weh? Willst du von mir geh`n? Du ich brauch` dich so. Erinnerung an vergangene Zeit ist das alles was mir von dir bleibt? Du willst frei sein.

Book Of Love

  • Book Of Love

    I write down everything that you say so I don`t get lonely when you are away I`ve got a book of love If you should ever happen to leave I`ll add your book to my lovelorn library I`ve got a book of love I know you`d never try t...

Ultraje A Rigor

  • Filha Da Puta

    (Roger) LESPA: Bateria MAURCIO: Baixo e vocais SERGINHO: Guitarra solo e vocais ROGER: Guitarra base, voz e buzina (Quando houver) LIMINHA: Pandeirinho por telepatia Morar nesse pas como ter a me na zona Voc sabe que ela no prest...

Booker Newbarry Iii

  • Love Town

    Everybody bring your body to love town. Midnight madness moonlight gladness in love towil baby. Out in the dark under the stars there`s a brand new horizon.

Boom Shaka

  • Burden And Time

    still i never lose my faith still if i heard it once ive heard it twice in everything there is a season if ive heard it once ive heard it twice with every purpose there is a reason a time to love and a time to hate a time for peac...

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