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Thomas D.

  • Liebesbrief

    Denn da alle Liebenden innerlich noch Kind, Und da die die reinen Herzens handeln unsere grössten helden sind, Rett` ich die Welt mit deiner Liebe in mir, Denn ich bin für dich da, nein ich bin wegen dir hier, Da dir die...

Chris Norman & Roland Kaiser

  • Midnight Lady

    Manchmal wenn ich mir von dir erzähle
    fällt ein Sonnenstrahl auf meine Seele
    und dein Bild in mir erwacht zum Leben
    so als würd` es dich noch immer geben
    und ich nehm das Telefon
    wähle deine Numm...

Wyclef Jean and Ivy Queen

  • In the Zone

    [Samples from Hot Chocolate`s You Sexy Thing Played throughout] I believe in miracles Where you from? You sexy thing (you sexy thing, you) I believe in miracles Since you came along You sexy thing [Wyclef] Uno, dos (check it out), tres, cuatr...

State Of Being

  • Defense Mechanism

    pulling me up by the hole of my head and my ears open up to the sounds of the violence the conflict at hand is still steadily fed as my head opens up to the sounds of disturbance it disabled my mind to another state of subconcious...

Thomas Dolby

  • Airwaves

    Strange how the scale forms in tiny patterns on my antenna and the Five O`clock Show, hello hello...

Mississippi Mass Choir

  • Having You There

    We have come to praise and magnify the Lord
    For all that He has done and for the victories we have won
    In the good times and in the bad times
    in the happy times and in the sad times
    having You there made the...


  • Independent

    verse 1 he walked away, into the darkness of the night,leftno trace he killed the love we had How will i go on living now that he is gone how will i survive? chrous baby love don`t last forever you need to be independent co`s you...

Cuarteto De Nos

  • Al Cielo No

    Resulta que agarre que decidi matarme, porque ya no habia nada de lo que agarrarme; no es que yo sea un tipo bajoneado pero no me iba a salvar ni supreman drogado.

Statement Of Pride

  • Conviction

    In my darkest times I`ve turned to you Your light has been there to help me through My faith in you has waivered but never gone off track Your unconditional love has always brought me back You save me from the forces of Hell! Set ...

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