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Finn Brothers

  • Angels Heap

    (N. Finn/T. Finn) news travels fast there`s an old wreck in the underpass wine in a glass and a well travelled bed down the length and breadth of the motorway down the information highway I took a ride in an angels heap and she to...

Game, The

  • 200 Bars And Running

    [Verse 1: The Game]

    No detox I`m comfortable dog

    Like the solo Reeboks right up under me dog

    And it feel like I done it before

    Sit in the throne pollutin the airwaves like a hummer exhaust

Hymn From Above

  • Hang With That Smile

    Crimson the wall, leak through my eyes, crimson leak through my eyes, crimson leak through my eyes, crimson leak through my eyes. I disown my roof, my friend, your love and my life, my life, my life, my life, my life.


  • Animal

    Make the most of opportunity, nothings free, nothings free
    And don`t believe everything that you see
    It may not be quite what you believed

    Oh I know everything that I do tonight
    Means nothing if I don`t succeed

Les Humphries Singers

  • California

    An alchemy, human alchemy
    We stole them from their freedom to be sold
    To turn their skins of black into the skins
    Of brightest gold
    An alchemy, human alchemy
    We stoked the fires of trade with human coals
    And m...

M.C. Shan

  • Beat Biter

    Beat Beat Beat Beat Beat.. Biter Biter Biter Biter.. [ INTRO: M.C. Shan ] Let me rock this rhyme, only if I may It`s directed to my man L.L.

Nappy Roots

  • Aw Naw

    Yeah, haha Nappy Roots Awwnaw! [Hook] Awnaw! Hell naw! Man Y`all done up and done it Awnaw! Hell naw! Boy Y`all done up and done it Awnaw! Hell naw! Boy Y`all done up and done it Ah, y`all done up and done it Man y`all ...

Paul Brandt

  • A Little In Love

    I`m really kinda bad at hedging my bets Straddling the fence just to get my feet wet It`s sorta like me to jump on in To see if I sink or swim So maybe I`m a fool for taking this fall But it`s all for you or nothing at all Too lat...


  • Damage Zone

    All stand quiet... What have we become? A shadow of life Forsaken in the meantime While looking for something We question ourselves But we`re left with nothing All the wrong people All the wrong words All the wrong reaso...

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