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Miguel Brown

  • So Many MenSo Little Time

    5 - lO - 20 - 40 - 50 - 60 - 10 - 80 - 85 - 90 - 95 - ooh It`s morning I open my eyes and everything`s still the same I turn to the guy who stayed last night and ask him: What`s your name? This seems to happen more and more I lov...

hoey gary

  • hocus pocus

    Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 19:38:44 -0700 (MST) From: Sean Kasun Subject: Re: TAB: Hocus Pocus by Gary Hoey Hocus Pocus by Gary Hoey on the album Animal Instinct Tab by Sean Kasun (seank@u.arizona.edu) This is probably Gary`s most w...

Wyclef Jean f Lauryn Hill

  • Guantanamera

    indicates the actual words in spanish indicates the translation into english --- Hola! Soy Celia Cruz (Hi! I am Celia Cruz) Y estoy aqui con Wyclef, celebrando Carnival; Azucar!!) (And I`m here with Wyclef celebrating Carnival; Azucar!!) [sing...


  • Kaede

    asuere wa shinai yo toki ga nagaretemo itazurana yaritori ya kokoro no toge sae mo kimi ga waraeba mou chiisaku maruku natteita koto kawarugawaru nozoita ana kara? nani wo mitekita kanaa hitorikiri ja kanaerarenai? yume mo atta k...


  • After All

    Now its just a few years ago, then I am born Today I dont remember that I was somewhen a child Who didnt think about What all the people have done to this world We should better watch up for our vital systems Maybe you cant believ...


  • Asleep, I Lie

    I can`t stay forever
    and you`re too insulting to me (darling)
    I can`t live forever and be who they want me to be and...

    I cannot pretend
    I will not surrender these dreams in my head
    I will ...


  • Can you handle me

    There`s something about your smile There`s something about the way you make me feel Keeps me holding on It brings me back, you know the game to play Back into your flame Back towards the point of no return To see your face again To point it out as no ...


  • Karma Slave

    Today I`ll be spinning on a Wheel I`m a slave to a Wheel And there isn`t any stopping What mistake(s) could I have made? I`m a slave serving time for a life that I`ve forgotten.

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