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Blue Shade Witness

  • (I Will) Not Fail

    To simply obey, is that so hard? I try not to dissapoint you, and hide my scars. I have tried everything that I can try but every thought and every prayer is a lie. But I will not fail. I will not fail you again.

Warren G f Crucial Conflict, Kurupt, Ree

  • Dollars Make Sense

    [Kurupt talking] Y`all don`t know nothin about this HEE-ARE Hahahahahahaha, yeah! It`s Kurupt Young Gotti Hehaha, sup Warren G? It`s my homeboy, huh? With my niggas Crucial Conflict, huh? Chillin, huh? Bumpin, puffin on a little bit of that Hay *TOKE* ...

Blue Swede

  • Hooked On A Feeling

    I can`t stop this feeling deep inside of me. Girl, you just don`t realize what you do to me.

Blue System

  • 2000 Miles

    Tomorrow - youll find your hero We could been so good tonight Oh babe, this love never dies Tomorrow - shadows and sorrows Oh, love is stronger than pride Because, babe, my tears will dry Two hearts beating together One lov...

Spiritual Zoo

  • Cautiously Crowded Pink Dream

    Emulous of ballerinas, drowned in dresses,dressed in tears, purple sense gonfaloniers never gone too far in fears.



  • I`m Gonna Sing

    1. I`m gonna sing when the spirit says sing. I`m gonna sing when the spirit says sing. I`m gonna sing when the spirit says sing and obey the spirit of the Lord. 2. I`m gonna shout when the spirit says shout . .


  • 200 Bars

    (Bars 1-100 counted aloud) I`ve been abused, and I`ve been used I`m gonna lose my thoughts in 200 bars You know I`ve tried, but I know I`m tired I`m losing track of time 200 bars I get confused, y`know I`m used to it I`m gonna los...


  • 1000 Yard Stare

    The hidden - undiscovered, It was the last stone to be turned, A needle scratched the surface, I don`t know where it`s gonna go.

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