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Spirit Caravan

  • Burnin` In

    There was a sign around for many years It`s universal power was revered Then they twisted it around And all the goodness was bound Now it`s a symbol of suffering, death and fear With their crosses they came into the land Cl...

Kristian Anttila

  • Paul Weller

    Еh doktorn,
    kan du ge mig nеgonting sе jag blir sjuk?
    Helt ur balans...
    Еh Polis,
    ta och nita mig och spдrra in min lдngtan, min kдnsla
    och min chans.

    Jag har en hand, har en bomb, har en drцm, har ...

Spirit Of The West

  • Armstrong And The Guys

    (Kelly/Mann) High above the clouds Bring on the trolley Release three loons For a screw-top red And as we watch the Earth diminsh Will it linger on the finish? Rest`s assured when the bottle`s dead We`ll leave a jet-trail across t...

Михаил Муратов

  • А лето тянет пряной пыльной горечью...

    Михаил Муратов

    ...А лето тянет пряной пыльной горечью,

    а голова гудит, как в праздник звонница.

    А мне плевать, - ведь я не пил нисколечко,

    я в стельку пьян от жаркой летней ...


  • alright

    Alright by Osker This is a cool song by a cool band. im just putting in the notes, not the timing play, just listen to the song to figure it out Enjoy! standard tuning intro -------------------------------------------------------- ---------------...

Wyclef Jean f MB^2, Yossou N`Dour

  • Diallo

    [Wyclef as Amadou] Boy I am so tired I`ll be glad when I get inside the house Oh, I dropped my keys Oh what tis bright light? My God they must gonna rob me Who these people with them all at they gonna rob me I`m gonna take out my wallet to make sure th...


  • Alltid Ha Mer

    stirrar upp i de svarta sjдrnorna lyser
    vackert vдl men ja kan inte fatta
    vad de betyder
    de bдsta kostar ingenting naturen bjuder generцst
    mеnen visar alltihop men utan tack de meningslцst
    fцr дndе bara springer vi ...

The Warren Brothers

  • Enemy

    I know it`s true but I guess nobody has to tell you I don`t always listen and I talk too much I think I`m in tune when I`m out of touch Baby Don`t tell me I`ve done it again There`s a tear on your face with my name on it And at th...


  • Abdoujaparov (Theme Song)

    He`s a dangerous man from Uzbeckistan
    He is the Tashkent Terror and I can`t say fairer
    And he don`t give a fuck coz he took too many drugs (allegedly)
    And I miss him very much, so we try to keep in touch


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