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Spencer Davis Group

  • Dont Want You No More

    Im through with you And your pretty golden hair Dont want to see you round my door anymore Aint no use you making it up I told you gal And youve come unstuck You be messin me up Dont want you no more Dont want you no mo...


  • Popozгo

    [random streaming, laughing and grunting]

    Toy all your thing on me, baby.
    Toy all your thing on me.
    Toy all your thing on me, baby.
    Toy all your thing on me.

Doro Pesch

  • Beyond The Trees

    Beyond the trees Nature`s reign is ending Children unattended Freeze Beyond the trees The world is so much colder Dreams turn into soldiers And bleed The earth is turning Kings are burning The missions down To the ground As time ...

The Vibrators

  • Dont`cha Lean On Me

    Baby`s on some program, Got vaccuum tube lookin` eyes. Gotta block of ice for a heart, F one elevens in the sunrise. There ain`t no escape, I`ll follow wherever you go.


  • Bound

    You feel the pressure building You feel the walls cave in All around you so much tension Someone to pull the string Reality sets in Realizing it`s not a dream Wake up and face the truth Release me, set me free! Can`t take the pa...

Kimya Dawson

  • I`d Rather Go With Friends Than Go Alone

    Is New York City really like a graveyard?
    they all ask me and i say
    well it was last week and man,
    that was in the past.
    See, I stopped going to the places
    where the people act so nasty and pretentious
    cause i...

Spencer Jeremy

  • Deeper

    Just a little smile, makes it all worth while And when it`s possible, try and walk the extra mile Ooh a gentle squeeze, sets my mind at ease Your love pours down on me My love pours out on you (chorus) We`re gettin` deeper, deeper...

The Vindictives

  • The Invisible Man

    Posing like a statue sitting in my office chair typing letters for computer eyes to sorta read drifting like an odor now I`m blending in with the air I`m becoming more and more of what I`ve got to be I`m invisible I`m floating fl...

Will Smith f Nicole Scherzinger (The Pus

  • If U Can`t Dance (Slide)

    [Will Smith] Yo, if you can`t dance, it`s cool to get up now Yeah see usually y`all stand off on the side Y`know you`re a lil` embarrased or whatever But this one of them joints for e`rybody So get up on up, but keep it simple, slide [Chorus: Smith + ...

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