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Black Market Farts

  • B M F Main Theme

    Performed by Black Market Farts (B.M.F.) (Hema Stulberg, John Bidochka, Rory Mitchell, Gil Beck, Col Reid) Written by B.M.F.

Black Mary

  • Looking Forward

    I never cared about the car I`d drive Or the room I`d sleep or the bus I`d ride.

Black Men United

  • You Will Know

    Um,Um,Um,Um Yeah,Yeah When i was a young boy I had visions of fame They were wild and they were free They were blessed with my name And i grew older And i saw what`s to see That the world is full of pain And my dreams, They left m...

Black Oak Arkansas

  • After I Smoke I Like To Sleep

    Now its time to sleep, this is my sleepin` song. I hear it in my ears every week, it just goes on and on. Yes, now you close your eyes, a hero you`ll become before tomorrow comes.

Somerville Jimmy

  • Coming

    I am coming! I am coming! I am coming through! Coming across the divide to you In this moment of unity Feeling an ecstacy To be here, to be now At last I am free Yes at last, at last To be free of the past And the future that beck...

Danthe Thomas

  • Miss California

    (Pras) (Dante)
    Uh, I mean I`m just sittin right here (California)
    Ckeckin out these ladies right here, baby you hot
    (This is where he saw her)
    I mean you sexy, oh my God,
    (I long to love her)
    Imagine one quest...

Dinucci Dion

  • Donna Donna

    DONNA, DONNA On a wagon bound for market, there`s a calf with a mornful eye, high above him there`s a swallow, winging swiftly through the sky.

Colleen Power

  • Mary Got A Baby

    Mary got a baby and she`s only fifteen You can`t see buddy for dust Strangled in a small town, stuck out like a sore thumb Nowhere to run, nowhere to run Shame for the family Mary got a secret and the whole little dirty town knows...

Collin Raye

  • A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home

    (Craig Wiseman/James Dean Hicks) Mamma`s tears fell so easy Daddy`s handshake was strong Then I climbed aboard that Greyhound Eighteen and glad to be gone Took a rented room on broadway As I unpacked everything I owed I found a...

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