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Dinosaur Jr.

  • Alone

    [solo throughout song] How can you tell me? I still believe in sometime You dont have to make it a show or a begining Just have to move yourself today Alone... Alone... Alone... Alone...

Black Ingvars

  • Dansa I Neon

    Mitt i en storstadsdjungel bland betong och stl Utan mening utan ml finns vi tv Men nr natten vaknar tnds ett sista hopp igen Och den jag saknat den flammar upp en gng Nr vi ska dansa i neon p vr resa genom natten Vi ska frdas i e...

With Honor

  • 20 Strong

    So it`s been weeks and I can`t help but stop and think,
    These rooms seem cold without you.
    Memories turned salty cheeks,
    I still feel the flames you held beneath my feet.
    Life may never be so good again.
    I`ve been s...

Cole Natalie

  • A Smile Like Yours

    Ooh-ooh Thought I`d seen everything There was to see in this world Now I`m not so sure I`ve really seen anything at all I thought life, could show me no surprises And then you came, and showed me I was wrong 1-I have seen the blue...


  • Reverse Psychology

    Rebel though you are, you`re just as controlled when you do what they tell you not to, as when you do as you`re told. You cannot simply be the shadow for the shadow`s cast by the form.

Solo Mano

  • A Pas De Gant

    Il s`approche et me lche de ses rayons la sensation nouvelle Ni chaud ni froid, juste plus prs de moi Il s`approche, il s`accroche a mon corps ravin, pour enfin l`avaler Ceux qui en reviennent disent que c`est tout blanc et que p...

Cole Samantha

  • Down In Love

    Every time I look in your eyes I see why You`re everything to me Every time I hold you I feel the rhythm As you touch me tenderly No other lover could make me so high Or gonna move me the way that you do And I`m so into you Chorus...

One Hour Photo

  • After School Special

    After School Special Your my after school special makes me feel so after school special like spiderman and pokemon on the 3 o`clock after school special tv show The bell rings and the clock strikes 3 I hurry on home just too see I just dont want to b...

Coleman Cy

  • On The Twentieth Century

    Music by Cy Coleman Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green From the 1978 musical On The Twentieth Century Transcribed by Randy Goldberg, NYMC `97 Saddle up the horse without delay Ship ahoy, we sail at break of day Ours not to qu...

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