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Babes in Toyland

  • ariel

    Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 18:27:27 -0500 (EST) From: Kandydol@aol.com To: guitar@olga.net Subject: *Ariel* by Babes in Toyland Here`s the tab for *Ariel* - from the most recent album *Nemesisters* by Babes in Toyland.


  • 5 for 40

    [Cormega] Son I was a young nigga hustling Me serving a D was unheard of, unless a D served me Speak words superbly, its clear you heard me Your idea of a real nigga changed I`m into bigger things I`m tryin to maintain the same aim of prisoners drug de...


  • (blessed With) Nine Lives

    Seven days, on the shore We`re alike, I love you more each day Can`t stop us now Close the door, I see you`re bored Let you know, we`re on the roll But I`m hopin` you`d express your soul I`m blessed with them nine lives It`s such ...

Sheek Louch f Styles P

  • How I Love You

    {Sheek} (speaking) Yo I mean, you been there for me You know what I`m sayin, and ya know And I won`t do you wrong ever again, nah mean, and you just, you been there And I`ma be there for you from now on, you know what I mean I ain`t gonna neglect you, ...

Верка Сердючка Глюкоза

  • Жениха хотела

    Вот говорила я тебе много раз кого ж ты выбрала дурная это ж просто атас какой-то страшный несуразный говорит ерунду и если это выбор твой на свадьбу я не иду не пойду ду ду ты ж просто дура как надоело мне тебя слушать мам ты выпускай хоть пар ...


  • Anduin the river

    When we`re laying in bed
    And we`re laying in love
    You and the blackness
    Fit me like a velvet glove
    That`s why I go crazy
    When you flick on your lamp
    I`m dreaming
    Hang on to the night
    Hang on to the...

Phil Baquie

  • Captured

    Uncertainty clouded my mind
    Shadowing my heart
    With fear & doubt
    Of what this world is all about

    Forever feeling insecure
    Wanting so much more
    Than I could find
    Peace within this heart & mind

Brownside f Eazy-E

  • Eastside Drama

    [Eazy-E] Rolling in my motherfucking rag-top Chevrolet Eazy-E headed Eastside, Trece To kick it with my homeboys, chill Hit `em up, C-P-motherfucking-T for real Rolling down Compton Boulevard See some BG`s selling dope by the school yard To rep my set ...

DJ Clue f DMX, Drag-On, Eve, Jadakiss, S

  • Ruff Ryder`s Anthem (Remix)

    This thing right here.. (yeah yeah) is for my peoples in the streets.. (ha hah) Swizz Beats (uh-huh) And this thing right here.. (Ruff Ryders) will get your ass off your feet (Remix! ..

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