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The Lettermen

  • Come Back Silly Girl

    I go round moping, and I go around blue I made you cry cause I had been untrue And now I cry for you CHORUS: Won`t you come back silly girl come back to me Come back silly girl can`t you see I`m in love Your mother tells me that...


  • Breathe

    I`ll give you just a little (3x) of my time yeah I`ll give you just a little (3x) of my time Time, time, time, time, time, time What do you want from me? Just let me breathe a little What do you want from me? Just let me breathe ...

The Levellers

  • 100 Years Of Solitude

    All around you slow decay Wanna feel the sun of the new day Forget the chances that you lost Shedding innocence like falling dust All the things you learned too young The songs you knew but you never sung you Waited a life time,...


  • 2 Wicky

    Prophet 60091 - this is the flight number of our galatic sun Prophet 60091 - before we start you should know that you`re not the only one who can hurt me SH 10151 - this is the serial number of our orbital gun SH 10151 - you bette...


  • Better

    Just when I thought that I was better
    I realized that I don`t know what better was
    Is it.........
    Better than I used to be?
    Better for you or for me?
    I`d better hurry cause I need a better view of things
    I don...


  • Alyson

    (K. Yrjl) Se vaikka loppui joo m ptin kuitenkin En m aio luovuttaa, tytyy vhn tsiigaa mit tapahtuu Sen mies lys kirjeen jonka olin duunannu siihen katkes yhteys, mutta hyv yritys kuitenkin Mult kusi hommat silti sit ikvin ja kivis...

Angel Witch

  • Angel Of Death

    Angel of death A faceless evil spirit that haunts Searching for the soul that he must take Steed of white he rides through the realms of unknown He is just a messenger from hell Scanning the oceans searching for victims to ta...


  • Bobbing For Heads

    Rip, staple bite babies!!! I tear heads off babies and lick their soft skull caps Spineless fetus round and supple Suffocated within my duffel Infant decay and rot Suck the fumes through a straw Dismembered in the hall Spackle bab...

Dj Pooh

  • Bad Newz Travels Fast

    featuring T Lee of LA Zuu

    DJ Pooh. Zuu Tribe 97. T Lee feels gold drastic. Yeah get the cash.

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