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  • Everyway That I Can

    EVERY WAY THAT I CAN I feel you moving on a different course Making the way for a distant coast You say you love me and you roll your eyes Turn to stare at the empty skies I thought it was over and we`d pass all that All we`...

The Jam


    Open up the sky `Cause I`m coming up to you So send down your wings It`ll bring me to you You know I`m standing at the station Ready to go Big ol` airplane, you know I trust in you so Get on up big bird To my baby, love Get on up...

Dennie Christian

  • My Spanish Lady

    Hey Fernando Iädt uns beide ein zur Fiesta heut` um acht du und ich wir soll`n uns richtig freun weil Fernando Hochzeit macht in spanischer Nacht.

Dennis Cathy

  • c`mon And Get My Love

    written by D. Poku copyright 1990 EMI Songs C`mon & get my love, c`mon and get my love it`s for you Break it down So many times I`ve been around you And I know how much I like you It`s like a dream each time I see you And there`s ...

Vaya Con Dios

  • At The Parallel

    He stands by the doors of the Rex all night Chain-smoking Celtas His eyes trouble more than one woman His voice is heavy and deep There`s dirt on the sidewalk And the newsboy yell Nothing ever changes at the Parallel Nothing ever ...

Dennis Leary

  • I`m An Asshole

    Folks I`d like to sing a song about the American Dream About me, About you, About the way our American hearts beat way down in the bottoms of our chests, About that special feelting we get in the cockles of our hearts Or maybe bel...

Hurricane G

  • No More Prisons

    [Hurricane G] Aiyyo son, you have the right to remain silent Even though you ain`t did NOTHIN violent So Hurricane G spit this, rip this Straight out the poorest congressional district The Bronx baby, shit is crazy! I see my niggaz get harassed daily 1...

Ice-T f Big Rich

  • How Does it Feel

    [ Ice-T ] Yo Rich man, these girls ready to get busy? [ Big Rich ] Ah man, you know they on deck [ Ice-T ] Yo, what`s up with they men, though? [ Big Rich ] Come on, men squares, man Can`t no square keep no woman [ Ice-T ] Right I guess they just wanna...

And Also The Trees

  • A Room Lives In Lucy (w: S H Jones)

    I hear voices from another morning And in the sunlight I feel the room grow Windows, white curtained and smooth walls But the night leaves her on the floors Of a mansion hall And the feet on the floors I must get up off the floors...

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