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Martin Billie Ray

  • Your Loving Arms

    So many times have I asked you to tell me That I`m your`re girl Time after time I have needed a reason Just to get inside your world So many times have I asked you to ask me How it feels to love And when this love seems the only c...

Наум Паскару

  • Якову Когану

    Наум Паскару

    Нас уже не свернуть с пути и уже не вернуть обратно.

    Мы с тобою у той черты, а вернее - за той чертой, -

    За которой ни ты, ни я, но единственно - Леди Прав...

Юрий Визбор, Ада Якушева

  • Бегут, бегут, бегут колеса...

    Ю.Визбор и А.Якушева

    Бегут, бегут, бегут колеса

    В тумане ночном.

    Давай, закурим папиросу

    И песню начнем.

    Про то, как горные отроги



  • Primetime Sexcrime

    Confess, you did it for sex
    an holy sin today
    instead it was a bless

    I spend the rest of my time
    Thinkin `bout the all wicked actions over crime
    I try, forgettin` my mind
    kill is not a good way for th...

Virtuoso f Iyadonna

  • Want Me

    There it is You know it`s about to go down right The place is here, and the time is now come on [Virtuoso] Virtuoso ask for her by name Only the fliest mamis are playas in my game Chocolate thai reign stay high like a plane It`s Cambridge baby ain`t a...

Martin Griffith

  • The Dock Of The Bay

    Sittin` in the morning sun I`ll be sittin` when the evening comes Watching the ships roll in And a-watching all the waves again Sittin` on the dock of the bay Watchin` the tide rollin` away Sittin` on the dock of the bay Wastin` ...

Banks Tony

  • Shortcut To Somewhere

    He was a fallen angel from the Tower of Babble Strung out on the high wire Another skyline drifter an immaculate stranger A legend for the wild west end So when you`re running in the slipstream of the ratrace veterans Only one thi...

Martin Keith

  • Because Of You

    If ever you wondered If you touched my soul Yes you do Since I met you I`m not the same You bring to everything I do Just the way you say hello With one touch I can`t let go Never thought I`d fall in love with you Because of you m...

Deltron Zero 3030 (Del Tha Funkke Homosa

  • Mastermind

    [Del] Whoa.. Hey let me ask my man over here! Hey man let me ask you a question man and c if you know whats up! beat this! Who fuses the music With no illusions Producing the blue prints Clueless? Automator - defy the law...

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