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Jump In The Saddle

  • Curly Shuffle

    The Curly Shuffle When me & my friends go out on the town. We can`t sit still we can`t sit down. We don`t like to fight and we don`t like to scuffle. But we dance all night doing the Curly Shuffle.

Jump Little Children

  • B13

    There is a place for me Far far away On a distant moon Or on a silver screen With the perfect life Where you`ll never die You just pass me by There is a place for me Far far away On a distant screen Or on a silver moon Stolen late...

The Heads


    G. Friday/The Heads Another Saturday night And she knows where she`s goin` To that small corner bar On the far side of town Folks call her Ol` Faithful `Cause she`s always hangin` aroun` Dressed up shimmy-shammy In her sequins an...

Jump, Little Children

  • Cathedrals

    In the shadows of tall buildings Of fallen angels on the ceilings Oily feathers in bronze and concrete Faded colors, pieces left incomplete The line moves slowly past the electric fence Across the borders between continents In th...


  • 1000 Miles

    well i got drunk and i got stoned ,
    shot my family left my home
    went out on a killing spree
    coz what you did was fucked to me

    a thousand miles
    come get all your files
    put on that plastic smile
    a t...

Ill Biskits

  • God Bless Your Life

    Mmm, word Yo life is definitely real You gotta take it to heart, know what I`m sayin? There`s so much confusion, confusion today on the streets So for us to live forever, God blesses our lives God blesses our lives Check it When I was young I never ha...

Theory Of A Deadman

  • Any Other Way

    You`ve tried to open your mouth but only shit would come out
    I always wondered where you got it from
    You haven`t heard a damn word I`ve said,
    you never believed in anything I did
    I don`t care what you`re doing,
    do w...


  • Istantanee

    Vedo una foto didue anni fa... mi emoziono io bacio te mentre mi sorridi e ridi al mondo che oggi sembra che non aspetti piщ Due vite in una foto-cosм semplice Scappo via dal mio passato hai ragione tu Era normale stringersi cosм-familiare come ogni ...


  • Beware The Heavens

    All is calm on the western front civilian dreams fill the mornig breeze listen closely, hear the prophecy pretenders preaching, it`s time to flee! Hypnotic sermon striking naive minds a congreation awaits command the mask unveil...

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