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Nutty Boys

  • (always) The Innocent

    (Thompson/Foreman) Always you ! (Hands up) points at you Always you ! (Hands up) points at you (hands up) Always the innocent the innocent to blame Guardians of the Islamic revolution take aim But dare doubt the British institutio...

Silent Scream

  • The Great Escape

    And it was close And I was strung out far My painful burdens they will leave a scar. And I took a breath And I clenched my fist And I drew the knife that would slit my wrist. ooooh... (x3) chorus And I got no more pains.

Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy

  • Amber Sea

    Amber Sea Half a Thought Halfway to the Truth Wet Colour I think about It I`m afraid of Reality Diverting the Brush but I feel Weakness All the long Time I think about It I`m afraid of this False Immovability I hear no Voice I...

betts dicky

  • blue sky

    From uunet!cbmvax!macon Wed Jul 1 15:37:37 PDT 1992 Article: 439 of Path:!uunet!cbmvax!macon From: (Glen Macon) Newsgroups: Subject: Music : Blue Sky Message-ID: <32655@cbmvax.commodo...

bevis frond

  • close

    ----------------------------------- >>> CLOSE - ( Bevis Frond ) <<< =================================== Intro : Em-D-Em Em G D C Here you are again, you`re sitting in my dish Em ...


  • Holy Sepulchre

    Attack! Two hundred years of madness. Thousands of GodВґs warriors. Listen to their cries, God want it. They rode to the Holy War, and it was the beginning of... a human butchery.

Наталья Тарвердян

  • Горошина

    Стихи Марии Кигель

    Музыка Натальи Тарвердян

    Мне ли не стать горошиной?

    В землю упасть непрошенно,

    Да прорасти, да оплести

    Дом, где живет хороший мой.


Hot Boys f Big Tymers

  • Guerilla Warfare

    [Mannie Fresh] You need a hot one I got one now take it and bend it Shake it down, break it down, with me and a friend Biggity bounce, slide, ride, Work that cat to the right Push it down, push it up - boom, you dynamite Lick it up like ice cream, nigg...


  • Cit Cit Cuit

    Cit cit cit cuit Cit cit cit cuit Burung bernyanyi Tok tok tok petok Tok tok tok petok Ayam bertelur Wek wek wek kwek Wek wek wek kwek Bebek berenang Sapi merendam kambing pun ikut senang Chorus Ayo hai kawan (kita bersama) Jagala...

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