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bernstein and sondheim

  • edelweiss

    Edelweiss C Gm F Fm C G C C G7 C F Edelweiss, edelweiss C Am7 Dm7 G7 Every morning you greet me C G7 C F Small and white, clean and bright C G7 C You look happy to meet m...


  • The Long One

    There`s no holding you back when you`re leaving I`ll have to face it alone until tomorrow And as your fading away I know it`s a matter of hours til the tears begin Guess I`ll turn out the lights and I`ll settle in For the...

Дмитрий Бикчентаев, Игорь Бяльский

  • Колокола

    Стихи Игоря Бяльского

    Музыка Дмитрия Бикчентаева

    Дела, дела, дела

    От весен и до зим.

    Звонят колокола

    И мертвым, и живым.

    Звонят за упокой,

    А м...

A la Carte

  • Ahe Tamoure

    When I was south sea bound on a lovely isle

    When the people
    they dance and play

    a beautiful man with a south sea tan -
    He taught me Tahitian .tamoure.
    Tahiti come to me
    Tahiti man

Hot Boys f B.G.

  • Guerilla Warfare

    What`s up man? These Hot Boy$ back at it again, ya heard me? Oh and it`s Guerilla Warfare time We got these ol` bitch ass niggaz scared Look here Luxury cars on chrome, I play that Five figure bonds on charges, I`d paid that Ounces of coke at a young ...

Ozark Henry

  • Elvis Is Dead

    an eyeful cruel morning needs some coffee to wake a shower for the smell a suit for the face a ticket to get in a password to play a past that is not mine is making me pay Elvis is dead whose next? whose known to be quite groovy? to be fat and groovy? ...

Numminen M.a

  • Kivaa

    He sekoittivat siihen jauhelihan sek hiekan Sitten yksi vahtimestareista juoksi tehtaan pomon luokse Kumarsi ja sanoi vitkaan: Kuules ij tule symn oikeen = herkullinen soppa Pomo tuli, sy ja kuoli, siit vasta riemu alkoi sek kunno...

Nunn Trevor

  • Memory

    MEMORY Midnight. Not a sound from the pavement. Has the moon lost her memory? She is smiling alone. In the lamplight the withered leaves collect at my feet and the wind begins to moan. Memory.

Nuno Bettencourt

  • 2 Weeks in Dizkneelande

    Youre not my father Youre not my friend Youre just a stranger fillin in Convince my family Good kid I am Youll take me down to dizkneelande Help me Why arent we flyin Youd rather drive Hotels are fun along the way ...

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