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Inner City Posse (D-Lyrical and Violent

  • D-Day

    * later known as the Insane Clown Posse D-day (3x) 3, 2, 1 D-Day just begun D-day the common dreary Felt the power of the rhymin theory Settin the pace with the league of mines Selected rhymes one of a kind This you woulda thought to long Settle son f...

Yothu Yindi

  • Gunitjpirr Man

    Sound of the waves fall On the sand dune of love Sweet memory of you Of the times that we spent together Right from the heart You gave me the new and the old Gunitjpirr man Don`t leave me alone Come back to me Gunitjpirr man We`ll...

Audio Learning Center

  • Broken

    Stranglehold days wear you away pacing holes in linoleum stuck in a rut still love him too much hard to believe how far down you have come Bottle to glass Glass to your mouth A ritual you`ve grown accustomed to these days Wi...


  • Freestyle ( Drunk )

    Aiiyo, You cant put me down Im a stiff standing soldier I drop bombs like I drop boulders big ole football shoulders im young but gettin` older keep me up coffee my brand foldiers In my cup You cant top me I roll like I...

The Deadlights

  • Bitter

    You think that you can forget me as soon as you can find someone new? But you can never forgive me for all the things you say that I put you through.

ben folds five

  • Air

    Saw a silhouette across a fluorescent
    Floating overhead, undoing his helmet
    Through the murky beams and blue-green sea life
    I saw him spinnin` towards the moonlight
    I pull him in, he wasn`t breathin`
    His eyes w...

mazarine street

  • tuff girl

    Song: Tuff girl Artist: Mazarine Street Album: Delirious Tabbed by: Alexander Landgren( hey there. this is a real funky song by one of my favorite swedish bands Mazarine street.

Rebroff Ivan

  • Moscow Nights (podmoskovnye Vechera)

    Vsjo zdes` zamerlo do utra Yesli b znali vy, kak mne dorogi Podmoskovnye vetsjera Retsjka dvizetsya i ne dvizetsya Fsya iz lunnovo serebra Pyesnya slyshitsya i nye slyshitsya V eti tikhie vechera Shto z ty, milaya, smotrish iskos...


  • # 1 Zero

    Listen now, let me speak
    I will be the dog at your feet
    And come along when you call
    Be the little bird in your straw and sing you a song
    I’ll be there to take the fall
    Though you tread upon me for no reason at all<...

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