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  • What Would You Do If

    verse 1:

    Boys and girls you wanna hear a true story
    Saturday night was at this real wild party
    Had the liquor overflowing the cup
    `bout 5, 6 strippers trying ta work fo a buck
    and I took one girl outside wit ...

Eminem & Dr. Dre

  • If I get locked up tonight

    - from the compilation Detroit Underground 2000 (vol. 2)

    - 1999 Def Jam

    [Dr. Dre]
    Check Check, 1,2 , 1,2 1,2(it`s rolling)
    Yea yea yea Dr. Dre up in here Y`all know what this is.

Havoc and Prodeje (S.C.C.)

  • Capable of Murder

    [HAVOC] Like Shaq Hav and Prod`s back for the Tec Still puttin` down on wax Mess up Against any of you busters Flash dance For your ass like Custer You should to trust us Because where we from You gotta be capable of murder [PRODEJE] Dippin` 1-0 way i...


  • Dinner In Heaven

    Get what you want - and be what you are
    It`s all coming back - and don`t look too far
    Everytime I feel like I`m loosing my heart
    Babe, babe, babe, babe

    Never say never - and don`t play the game
    Don`t foo...

Vincent Niclot and Laura Pausini

  • In Assenza Di Te

    Io come un albero nudo senza te
    senza foglie e radici ormai
    abbandonata cosм
    per rinascere mi servi qui non c`и una cosa che non ricordi noi
    in questa casa perduta ormai
    mentre la neve va giщ
    и quasi Natale e ...


  • Aint Gonna Cry No More

    (coverdale/moody) Rising with the morning sun I turn to greet the dawn, Knowing I must face another day Sleepless night behind me, Just a memory of pain, My heart has always been a cross to bear Lord I know the sunshine...

Everly Brothers

  • (`till) I Kissed You

    How did I exist until I kissed ya`, Never had you on my mind, Now you`re there all the time, Never knew what I missed till I kissed ya`, uh huh, I kissed ya`, oh yeah, Things have really changed since I kissed ya`, uh huh, my life...

The Cranberries

  • Analyse

    Close your eyes Close your eyes Breathe the air, outthere We are free, we can be Wide open For you open my eyes To the beauty I see We we`ll pray, we we`ll stay Wide Open Don`t analyse Don`t analyse Don`t go that way Don`t live that way That would pa...

minogue kylie

  • Breathe

    Don`t blame me just because I am bored, I`m needy, I need to taste it all, don`t down me just because I am quiet, I`m thinking, thinking about it all, I`m helpless about the way of me, and I`m thinking, thinking about it all, I`m ...

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