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  • jack and diane2

    Jack and Diane John C. Mellencamp A E/A A E/A D (2x) A E D E A E D A little ditty about Jack and Diane, two American kids growing up in the E A E D E A E D heartland; Jack, he`s gonna be a football star, D...

mellencamp john

  • aint even done with the night

    AIN’T EVEN DONE WITH THE NIGHT John Mellencamp transcribed by Steve Garner ( ** Capo on the 2nd fret! ** INTRO: |-----------------------------------------------------------------------| |--------0----------------0------------...

Etherial Wind

  • In Depression

    Chased thru love The warmth it gives can`t reach me Live in isolation The cold inside mesmerizing me Prayers denied Makes the end complete Restless wrestling Allow me my sleep The last try to enter my loneliness Passing me by th...

Catasexual Urge Motivation

  • Hate From The Womb

    I am the master of hate Symbol of being hatred Hate is the reason for being All desires you want You, say my name All senses you feem You, say my name I`ll give you in contrary way You, say my name No reason in your name

Etheridge Melissa

  • Ain`t It Heavy

    Sometimes I know that it`s never enough Survival is fine but satisfaction is rough I try with an angel tonight Spread these wings and I`m on for the ride Cruise these streets where my innocence hides There`s some things you can`t ...

Ксения Полтева

  • Во славу гордого владычества...

    Ксения Полтева

    Во славу гордого владычества

    короны, мантии,

    идут суда Ее Величества

    во мглу Атлантики.

    Морей покорных карты пестрые

    у ног распластаны....

Марк Фрейдкин, Сергей Костюхин

  • Бабушка Ревекка

    Марк Фрейдкин,

    Сергей Костюхин

    Бабушка Ревекка прислала из Канады шузы!

    Модней, чем саламандра, прочней, чем сапоги из кирзы

    Нехай увидят гои, как я на всех газах<...

Amigos Invisibles, Los

  • Cachete A Cachete

    Sin querer me fui quedando hasta ceder
    Tъ mi sol, amor, lujuria y perdiciуn
    Amaneciу, el cuarto estб caliente
    Dejбndome sin poder salir
    Porque estб bien que me quede

    Un, dos, tres: Te voy dejando desnudita

Bandi Kills

  • I love YOU

    All the ways I have to go
    I wanna go with you.
    All the things I have to do
    I wanna do with you.
    And all my dreams of you
    Will come true with you.

    All the hope of a better world
    Will you make come ...

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