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Casella Fabrizio

  • E Allora Sai

    E allora sai (by F. Casella) Di credere all`amor mi rifiutavo, gi troppi m`avevan fatto male, vivevo solo con la mia chitarra cantando la mia rabbia e i miei ricordi La musica riempiva il mio giorno, la notte invece c`erano i pens...

Casey Lee

  • B.L.A.Z.E.

    [Casey Lee] The B to the L, the A to the Z to the E Early twenties, girls by the twenties Rims buy `em twenty, never gin slide me Henny Blunts roll in twenties, got my stunts holdin` semis Blaze in the Bentley; be like Jay, Come a...

Cash Money

  • Hot Girls

    Hey yall whats up this is one of your biggest fans and yall are like so hot to me, my name is La`Keisha Dortch and we can all be cool well what you want I want a hot boy and one mo thing don`t be baller blockin


Cash Roseanne

  • 44 Stories

    Baptize her with bitter tears till she knows your pain is real. Next time you see her on her knees, dont try to make a deal. Dont stare her into silence, with frozen point of view.


  • Call To War

    War! Time has come for us to rise To put the holy symbols in fire Raise your weapons and prepare to kill Slay the priest, let their blood spill Followers of the whore king Shall be put to rest Their holy temples and churches Shal...

Coolio Feat. 30 Thevz

  • C U when U get there

    Verse One: Coolio

    Now I`ve seen places and faces
    And things you ain`t never thought about thinking
    If you ain`t peek then you must be drinking and smokin
    Pretending not to loc`in but you`re broken, let me get you o...

Nicole Kidman

  • A fool to believe

    Marie? I`m dying...
    I was a fool to believe
    A fool to believe
    It all ends today
    Yes it all ends

    Send Christian away.

mcguire barry

  • Eve Of Destruction

    Name EVE OF DESTRUCTION Interpret Barry McGuire Jahr 1965 Schreibr Sloan The eastern world it tis explodin`, violence flarin`, bullets loadin`, you`re old enough to kill but not for votin`, you don`t believe in war, what`s that g...

mckee maria

  • has he got a friend for me

    Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 15:02:33 +0100 (MET) From: Lars Pettersson 2 Subject: TAB: m/mckee_maria/ Has he got a friend for Me? (Maria McKee) from the album Maria McKee, 1989 ========================== Music...

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