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  • Blow U Out

    Yall aint ready 5x Let`s make this official U aint gotta pull out your pistol Cuz I`ll play a game where theres no such thing as a whistle This is confidential That means this between me and u now wut your punk crew gonna do...

John Fred And His Fabulous Playboys

  • Judy In Disguise

    Judy in disguise, well that`s what you are Lemonade pie with a brand new car. Cantalope eyes come to me tonight Judy in disguise with glasses. Keep a-wearing your bracelets and your new rara.

John Frusciante

  • A Fall Thru The Ground

    A fall thru the ground Go away youre eating big faces Bend down and eat your shoelaces Next move youve gotta decide whats right. Kill ya momma, kill ya daddy Im the peaceman so understand me Understand me.


  • Corridors Of Knowledge

    I enter the computer`s mind, the power of my senses And I feel the orders are mine, as I know my science is endless I`m loading my datas in the files, to control the means of this age I`ve passed around and hypnotized, the data c...

The Buck Owen`s Buckaroos

  • Big In Vegas

    When I was young I left the home and went away, to Vegas With my guitar and my dreams, I had to try to play and sing, in Vegas But my momma told me I was wrong, And she begged me to stay at home But my will was strong and I had...

Laid Back

  • baker man

    Laid Back Baker Man This is a guitar version, what means that (almost) everything is tabbed for guitar.


  • 34 Winters

    an end A suburban catastrophe It`s time to start mourning the death of a friend Standing in front of me And I can`t stop the hatred that wells up inside As I look for a glimmer in his vacant eyes And I can`t do a damn thing cause ...

Наталья Нестеренко

  • Маленькая женщина

    Наталья Нестеренко

    Маленькая женщина и нежность,

    Голос, прорывающийся в крик,

    Глаз огромных сила и безгрешность,

    Свет, который только что возник.

    В ...


  • Play Dead

    DarlingStop confusing me
    With your wishful thinking
    Hopeful embraces
    Don`t you understand?
    I have to go Through this
    I belong to here where
    No-one cares and no-one loves
    No light no air to live in

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