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Charles & Eddie

  • Would I lie to you

    Look into my eyes
    Can`t you see they`re open wide
    Would I lie to you baby
    Would I lie to you
    Don`t you know it`s true
    Girl there`s no one else but you
    Would I lie to you baby
    Would I lie to...

Unsung Heroes f Siah and Yeshua da PoED

  • The Norm

    Siah: 98, S-I, what Yeshua Da PoED, check it Siah: Riding the beat beats walking on the street I can hop a train and move in that vehicle but the metaphor is better for traveling quick to any destination and any location in the known universe of my im...

John Fogerty

  • A Hundred And Ten In The Shade

    Way out there in the cotton Sun beatin` down so hard Sweat rollin` of this shovel Diggin` in the devil`s boneyard Sure like a cool drink of water Soft rag to soothe my face Sure like a woman to talk to in this place It`s a hundre...


  • Aenaon

    Across those bridges far beyond Once upon I walked, but nevermore To Roads of marvel some say they lead Bitter humans who patiently bleed.

mcclinton delbert

  • back to louisiana

    id PAA13045; Tue, 26 Sep 1995 15:54:01 -0400 Date: 26 Sep 95 15:51:20 EDT Status: RO Song: BACK TO LOUISIANA Performed by: DELBERT MCCLINTON Submitted by Scott Durham C E7 WELL IT`S 3 O`CLOCK...

Carson Lori

  • Anyday

    I don`t take it lightly The way you look at me The life we`re living here It`s hard to take for granted This gold light These cool nights It`s kind of fall again This is our time You can`t be waiting for the perfect time For somet...

Roy Harper

  • I Hate the White Man

    Far across the ocean In the land of look and see There once was a time For you and me Where the winds blow sweetly And the easy seas flow still And where the barefoot dream of life Can laugh and cry its fill Where slot m...

mccoll ewan

  • dirty old town | guitar pro tab и Mp3

    >From: (Ludwig Alberter) >Subject: Re: REQ: Chords to Dirty old town {title:Dirty Old Town} {subtitle:Ewan McColl} I met my [E]love by the gasworks door; Dreamed a [A]dream by the old ca[E]nal.

Roy Head

  • Treat Her Right

    I wanna tell you a story Every man oughta know If you want a little lovin You gotta start real slow She`s gonna love you tonight now If you just treat her right now Squeeze her real gentle Gotta make her feel good Tell h...

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