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  • Move It Up

    Baby now I need you Here with me Because I`m trying To make you understand I want you Each move you make Make me realize You are the right one for me Move it up Come baby move it up Move it up Come baby move its rhythm Move it up...


  • Dreams

    Dream As long as you know It`s not impossible To make it a reality Oh dreams Are always there for you And always there for me To reach as long as you and I believe I`m not just telling you All of our dreams come true As long a...

Bourgeois Tagg

  • I don`t mind at all

    The time for talking`s over now, I guess it`s time to let you go. But I don`t, no, I don`t mind at all. It`s getting so you never know when things are better left alone. But I don`t, no, I don`t mind at all.

Rossi Vasco

  • Blasco Rossi

    La combriccola del Blasco si fermata dentro un bosco che nessuno aveva voglia di abitare.


  • It`s Not Too Late

    I did not know what it was to love only one Did you misread, my intentions is what was wrong But now I`m back, I won`t let you get away Our love was never bad, please don`t take your faith It`s like the host that you take in v...

Am I Blood

  • Collapse Of Ritual Belief

    From now on I`m an executive dynasty When your eyes begun to blind Infinite desire Deed of charity satiated For occupation of Queenly mystery Through the flames back to fantasies I`ll obtain my faith How long will last the spiri...


  • Aignish

    An ciaradh m`fheasgair `s mo bheath` air claoidh Mo rosg air dunadh `s a` bhas gun chli. Stiuir cu s` an lar leam gu Eilean ciatach Gu Aignish sgiamhach far an d`a aich mi.

Ser Girn

  • A Los Jvenes De Ayer

    (Charly Garca) A simple vista puedes ver como borrachos en la esquina de algn tango a los jvenes de ayer. Empilchan bien, usan tup, se besan todo el tiempo y lloran el pasado como vieja en matin.


  • 15 голых баб

    Что толку быть собой не ведая стыда Когда 15 баб резвятся у пруда Нагие поезда пустые города Пришедшие увы в упадок навсегда! Что толку быть тобой, бесстыжая звезда, Когда пятнадцать баб умчатся в никуда.

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