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  • Bad Day

    Had a bad day again She said I would not understand She left a note and said, I`m sorry I had a bad day again She spilled her coffee, broke her shoelace Smeared the lipstick on her face Slammed the door and said, I`m sorry I had ...

Mourning After, The

  • Never The Same

    We haven`t got time to understand
    what we are here for
    I have no demand to judge your role

    Do you want to read the stars
    or live for the moment?
    comprehend what`s not so important?
    You`re thinking agai...


  • 2 Nite (Interlude)

    What took you so long? Thought you was coming right over here (Mmmm) Hold up, hold up (Yeah baby) Hold up (I want you to taste me) Trying to, uh, I said, damn Hold up, is that what you wanted? How can I love you tonight? Oh baby ...

Tracy Chapman

  • A Hundred Years

    Baby sweet baby Won`t you please Come on back home to me I`ve been so lonely These few days feel like A hundred years How you make me worry baby How you make me worry about you Here I am I`m knowing That I can`t live without you ...


  • maybe tommorow its gonna be alright

    Song: Maybe Tommorow Its Gonna Be Alright By: Maker Intro G, G/F, Em7, C x4 Verse 1 G G/F Em7 C Come on get that chin off ya chest G G/F Em7 C So what if today werent ya best G G/F Em7...

Busta Rhymes f Kelis

  • Genesis/Violator the V2.0

    Yeah.. Flipmode.. Violator.. Neptunes nigga What you want nigga, yeah What you want bitches Keep it goin, c`mon Keep it goin, c`mon Keep it goin, c`mon C`mon, yeh yeah [Verse 1] C`mon - who be the father to this? Bounce right here niggas be followin t...


  • i might just crack

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE MAKERS - Howl - I Just Might Crack Tab written by: Michael Raven ( hello.

All Star United

  • Angels

    Could be she got lost Or maybe, she just watched A little too much TV It`s hard to say, but anyway, It`s plain to see And so she goes on Like a drifting satellite But tonightChorus: Angels hold her hands When she walks in the dark...

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