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Luke Juen

  • I Want To Be A Techniker

    Luke rappt:Uhhh, Uhhh, jeahh check it out To all my NiGGAZ from Downtown When I come to town all the Strebers come around Seems like yesterday when I came to school I wanted to be a techniker and I wanted to be schwul.


  • Bonfires Of Time

    From here to a lie it sends you away Can you get it back tomorrow or today You stole the dream that wasn`t yours Locked inside, behind closed doors You stole the dream that kept me awake and crushed my heart It`s never too late...

Big Kap Funkmaster Flex f Raekwon the Ch

  • Dem Want War

    That nigga damn better get me in the tunnel tonight kid I aint playin , straight up [Raekwon the Chef] The mafia version , son chop me up , got a locked version Rocked up , knocked on a person Extraterrestrial , kill em now let`s be out Just out , flo...

See Spot Run

  • Alone

    Waiting in my electric chair Knowing I haven`t a prayer Don`t cry, I know I`ve let you down Trying to turn my life around I don`t want to put you through this hell All that I ever wanted was to make Our dreams come true cause I...

mad caddies

  • 10 West

    Well Im back out on the road again lost among the city lights Were stepping it up harder just to make it to the show tonight With yesterdays antics still playing in my head Another days upon us so lets do it all again Its ju...


  • Min MжLk

    Jeg spurgte min mжlk
    er du stadig sur pе mig?
    det var ikke med vilje
    at jeg kaldte dig tyk
    det var heller ikke med vilje
    at jeg kaldte din mor for en ko
    nu ligger du der og buler
    i den bagende sol


  • Not All Angels Fly

    I want to hold you…
    But every time I look at you, I understand you’re far too
    flawless for my hands.
    Can’t help but want you…
    Can’t help but feel a shiver when your shining eyes part

Too Short

  • 2 Bitches

    Hook: Pimp niggas dont pay a dime, Im fuckin 2 bitches at the same time Then I hit the studio and I write a rhyme, I call it "tramp hoes aint hard to find" Verse 1: I took 2 bitches to a hotel I told em both &qu...

Bizzy Bone f H.I.T.L.A.H. Capo-Confuscio

  • Heaven`z Movie

    * send corrections to the typist [Bizzy] There is no way in hell (marching factions...) That the blind can lead the blind (...regime takin` over my body...) Unless somebody play the dog (...intertwined into my soul) Split personality, -ality, -ality S...

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