Hardway — текст песни (Naked N` Happy)

I cannot wear a smile cuz today I`m getting older.
I`d like to live my life without responsabilities.
And not pay my goddamn bills for the rest of my existence.
I`m not too sure if one day I`ll get married.
My parents don`t understand me, they cannot give me sympathy.
Today it`s my birthday, I`m supposed to smile and smile again.
I`d like to forget about age, always wear skateboarding footwear.
Don`t want to go to work with the same suit everyday.
Cuz I`m not this kind of guy, pissed off and hooked by a tie.
Thats` why I won`t grow up tonight.

Could you please go away with your adult insanity.
So scared of growing up cuz I don`t want to end up like you.
I learned all by myself, society`s rules to be a man.
I`d rather be a kid, I give a damn about tomorrow.
Homework`s not over yet, knowledge`s the best weapon you`ll get.
Oh watch your back young boy, you`ll need to fight to stay alive.
Will you lick ass all day and give your boss a blow just to get paid?
Maybe that`s your choice but I wanna live something else.

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