Down In This Hole — текст песни (Oomph!)

I try to slip away - you wanna make me stay -
don`t try to hold me back - `cause I would break your neck -
don`t try to make a light - don`t even come inside -
you won`t like what you`ll see - untangle you from me -
you wish I had my wings - like puppets have their strings -
I like the dirt i`m in - hide in my filthy skin -
don`t try to follow me - don`t even lean on me -
`cause after losing ground - you would not hear the sound -
if there`s a chance to heal these wounds in my hands -
to fill this hole in my heart - to kill this hate in my soul -
if there`s a way - you know i`d like you to stay -
you know i`m trying so hard but now i`m down in this hole -
don`t try to set me free - don`t even rescue me -
it fucking eats me up - and it will never stop -
I know it`s much too late - I feel so unafraid -
and now it`s time I guess - to concentrate on death...
... dying so hard `cause now i`m down in this hole - (kill me) -
if you believe it would be better to leave -
because it tears you apart -
because it`s out of control - if you`d decide -
because you`re sick of this fight -
because it`s fucking too hard - then leave me down in this hole

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