1969 — текст песни (Vines, The)

Its 1969 in my head
I just wanna have no place to go
Livin thru the sound of the dead
I`m gonna get stoned look round at my soul

I`m hearin voices in the trees
And seein footsteps in the rain
I just wanna die before I loose my dol
I have been cryin in my sleep
Cause I dont kno where i`ve been
I just wanna live to see another day

Hey hey hey hey [x8]

When I get my buick six
I`ll see my life drop in that whirlpool
If I get to see you again
You`re the only one I know

Here we go
There I stand
I`m a seed
Of a man
Dare I go
Dare I stare
I`m a seed
of a man

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