it`s all new — текст песни (bis)

get yourself an image
and a nice wee slogan
without a clue
into what you`re enrolling
but you seek approval
and that of a man
that`s why you`re not in
the same league as i am
reveal your hardcore past
and get into the press
and get your story straight
for your prepared test

you think that it`s all new
and its something to say
maybe someone should tell
you`ve gone around it the wrong way

oh no there`s nothing wrong
everything`s all good
forget what`s been fought for
glamour won`t hide the truth
just you forget the facts
it`s more fun to tease
the only ones you influence
are the naive
so once you`re out the charts
how will your message fare
what happens in 2K
let`s face it you just don`t care

it`s a tabloid thing
i wouldn`t understand
don`t know the make-up
of a very different man
he wants his inches
filled with your idle talk
he loves to stare
he loves to stare

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