Cookie Cutter Kid — текст песни (bis)

Telling you its your life, like its patronising advice

You dont take heed, your conscience feeds off of being above those needs

1-2-3-4 open the door, gotta be living one level above the basment floor

Your mind is slack, your brain is black

Open all hours for the next attack

Youll never see me, you wanna be me

Im the spirit of taking it easy

You on conveyer, nothing to say

I wouldnt think of you in my last prayer

Too much thought to achieve

So you puff and you wheeze

A walking example, your income is ample

But youve got fuck all to sample

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha want to do

Look at what you did

Dont be a cookie cutter kid

Dont turn out like your parents

Youre being watched on 24 hour surveillance

Keep your thoughts to yourself

Or youll be living your life on the national health

A brand new car, youll go far

Every second kid in a burger bar

You got a mclife, youll get a mcwife

Killing you softly with the kitchen knife

But its gotta be said that its up to you

To your ideals always remain true

When they tell you to change your mind

True belief I will hope you find

Never believe what the papers say

There never was any good old days

They tell you lies, you dont ask twice

Always at war with the other side

Picure of happiness with your mobile phone

Status symbol for the great unknown,

Be afraid of yourself, cos nobody else

Will ever give a second to the nothing that fell

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