Pollyanne — текст песни (Brooks Meredith)

Here we go again
Same old argument
You`re callin` me Miss Pollyanne
You see the world as cruel
And bein` mad is cool
You`re thinkin` I don`t give a d***
You don`t have to shout to be heard
Who said dark is deep
You`d rather flip the bird
I`d rather show you signs of peace
Love ain`t a dyin` art as far as I can see
Oh sentimental me
Fist up in the air
My knees should be up there
You only give yourself away
So paint your roses black and blue
Use the f*** word, I can too
When I have nothing else to say
(repeat chorus)
Here we go again
We may never change
So you can call me Pollyanne.

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